My First Tokyo Dome Experience: SEVENTEEN Love Fanmeeting 2023

June 01, 2023

Tokyo Dome dream has finally come true!

Ever since I became a K-Pop fan, it's really a dream to watch a concert or a fanmeet or just any event in Tokyo Dome. Well actually, it's more of a dream that I never thought that I have dreamt of. A lot of K-Pop artists really dream of performing there too. Tokyo Dome can accomodate 55k people and if a group can sold out the place, then it only means that they are really big in Japan.

I honestly thought that this dream will just be a dream for me. Although I wanted to experience Tokyo Dome, I was still hesitant because of the ticketing. The ticketing system in Japan is different from South Korea. In Japan, it's purely based on lottery. So, you need to have a Japanese fanclub membership, Japanese phone number and address. I'll be explaining this more on a separate blog.

SEVENTEEN is the reason why my dream of attending in Tokyo Dome came true. Finally, I have ticked it off my bucketlist and had another first in my fangirl life.

Outside Tokyo Dome

SEVENTEEN has a two-day fanmeeting in Tokyo (and two days too in Osaka). Since I was able to get a slot for Tokyo, I'll only attend in Tokyo. The ticket that I got was for Tokyo Day 2 but since I'm already in Tokyo, I decided to visit the venue on Day 1.

The venue is filled with SEVENTEEN banners. There's really this fun feeling of having to see these banners up-close and be able to take a photo of these banners.

There was also a Carat Booth wherein you can renew your Japan official membership and be able to get a random photocard. Unfortunately, I'm not yet eligible to renew mine since I just registered last March. I still have a lot of months with my membership.

There was also a Weverse Pick-Up Booth. Yes, it's only a pick-up booth. It means, you have to buy on the Weverse app and then claim it here at this booth. If you have read my previous blogs, I have mentioned that I stopped myself from buying the pickets (uchiwa) of Joshua and Wonwoo at the Love Pop-Up store.

But guess what?

I checked out from Weverse and claimed it there. I got jealous with the other Carats taking a photo with their uchiwa. So, I ended up buying these two. Yes. I can't only buy one. I have to buy both my biases or else one will get jealous lol.

Here's my mandatory shot at the Tokyo Dome

The right photo was the entrance for the Premium seat holders. This is where I entered. It was a bit strict with the premium seat. They really had to check the name on the ticket, your membership card, and your passport/ID. While for the regular seats, you will randomly be checked.

I had a lot of things to be nervous about. First, the name that was registered in my membership and ticket lacks my second name. It was supposed to be Ruth Leen but only Ruth was registered because of the lack of characters in the website. Second, my membership card hasn't arrived yet so I can only show them the "My Profile" in the Seventeen Japan website to prove my membership. And lastly, the name on my ticket was in Japanese while the ID that I'll be showing them is in English.

When I gave my passport, ticket, and membership screen, the staff forwarded me to another staff. The other staff, who can speak in English checked these things too. And then asked me my birthday. Once he has confirmed that I am really the owner, he said, "Enjoy!"

And that's when I know, I'm going to see them really.

Inside Tokyo Dome

In Japan, they are really strict when it comes to taking photos and videos. They will really ask you to come out and delete all the photos and videos. But I believe that it only happens during the fanmeeting itself. Because before and after the fanmeet, there are a lot of people taking photos of the stage yet they were not asked to go out.

So, I grabbed this chance to take some photos of the venue. I was really close to the extended stage and to the carts which makes me so happy. It's just sad that I won't be able to take any photo or video of the event but still, I'm happy I'll get to see them.

Memorable moments at the fanmeeting

OT13 at Day 2

Photo from SEVENTEEN Japan Twitter
During the Day 1 of the Tokyo fanmeeting, just a few hours before the start, they announced that S.Coups won't be attending the event because he was still not feeling well. But during day 2, they announced that S.Coups will be joining the fanmeeting but he will not join the fan benefits like the soundcheck and hitouch.

Although Joshua and Wonwoo are my biases, I am an OT13 stan. I love every member that's why I feel sad when one member can't attend. S.Coups was feeling a little bit better during the second day. But still, not like the normal one. I hope he gets well soon.

Closest experience to the carts

Screenshot from the livestream
This is one of the reasons why I want to attend concerts and fanmeets in Japan and Korea because of the carts. This is the closest experience I have ever been to the carts. And the members on our side were Wonwoo, Hoshi, and S.Coups.

I was really so happy and was crying at that moment because of too much happiness. To the point that I wasn't able to grasp that they were singing Run To You, which happens to be one of my favorite songs.

OTP vs. Bias Line

During the games, the members will choose their partner. So, Joshua pulled Jeonghan and Wonwoo. My Seventeen OTP is Jihan (Jisoo/Joshua and Jeonghan) but my bias line is Wonwoo and Joshua. So, I was torn which to choose. But of course, since Japan is the land of Jihan, Jihan wins here. But it's still a memorable one for me because this happened when I was watching the fanmeeting live.

Jihan, in fact, won the game. And my Jihan heart is so full that night.

Favorite setlist

From svtcontents
Since I am a bit new in the fandom, there were songs that I really want to hear live. And most of them were in this line up - Run To You, My My, Fallin' Flower, All My Love, Campfire. To be honest, my top three favorite songs were Run To You, All My Love, and Campfire. That's why I am so happy with this set list.

Aside from that, I also heard Fighting and F*ck My Life live and even heard a few parts of Super. I really wanted to hear these songs because I think I won't be able to watch their tour this year because of my schedule. That's why I'm so happy I got to hear this.

There are still some songs that I still want to hear and I hope I can still hear them live in the future.

Met some PH Carats who attended the Tokyo fanmeet as well

Although I was solo on this trip, I met a lot of PH Carats who attended. Some were living in Japan, and some also flew to Japan for the fanmeet. Most of them were my friends from Twitter. I'm really so happy to have me these people and I'm hoping that I'll get to see them again soon too!

Mini Vlog

@annyeongruth Definitely another dream come true for me. Watching in Tokyo Dome used to be just a dream. But now, I have finally experienced it myself. I was so happy I got a premium seat ticket to SEVENTEEN’s Love Fanmeeting in Tokyo for Day 2! #kpop #seventeen #lovefanmeetingseventeen #tokyo ♬ Super - SEVENTEEN
This is definitely a core memory and it will always have a special place in my heart. Another first with SEVENTEEN. I can't wait to see what adventures will SEVENTEEN take me next. Encore? Caratland? Fansign? Let's see.

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  1. hello!!! thank you so much for sharing your experience! i am planning to check my luck for the upcoming Follow Tour and came across your blog while i was trying to search if it's okay to have the first name only on the membership profile (because that is my case), it's a relief to see from your experience that it's okay!! was your seat a premium one? anyway, i love this post a lot!!!

    1. Hi! Yes, my seat was a premium one. Goodluck with the lottery!!


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