June 22, 2023

A fangirl's happiness is when she unboxes the albums of her favorite group.

I miss writing contents like this. The last unboxing post I made was my SEVENTEEN Membership Kit. Although I had a lot of other albums and merch that I unboxed the past months, I wasn't able to post about it. I'll try to catch up with postings in the following weeks and months.

But for today, I'll be sharing SEVENTEEN's latest album (as of writing), FML. This comeback has two title tracks which are Super and F*ck My Life.

I pre-ordered the main versions through Universal Music Store Japan because they will be giving codes for an offline event in Japan which unfortunately I didn't won any. But still, it's worth the try. Meanwhile, the carat versions, I pre-ordered it from Aling Chulien since they offer a sure-member cover.

FML Albums

Pre-Order Benefit

Like what I have mentioned earlier, I pre-ordered my albums. Since I bought the regular ones at UMS Japan, their POB are photocards. These photocards are random. That's why I was so shocked that I got the 97-line.

One thing that I don't like about UMS POBs though is the photocards are not the same size with the photocards in the albums. This is a bit longer. So my usual sleeves don't fit these photocards. The good thing though, they still fit in my photocard binder.

Fight for My Life version

For the main albums, there are three versions. Although they have same inclusions - CD, folded poster, two random photocards, random sticker, bookmark, photobook, and lyric book - they have different concepts. For the Fight for My Life version, they are in a boxing ring. So most of their looks here are sporty.

I got Jeonghan and Seungkwan for the random photocards, DK for the random sticker, and Dino for the random bookmark. And I realized something while I'm writing this blog, I haven't actually browsed through the photobook. I think I should do that after writing this.

Faded Mono Life Version

With the three versions, this one is my favorite. Not only because it's pink, but in terms of the concept photos, this is where I can relate the most - SEVENTEEN in their corporate era. Although I can say that I haven't been in a corporate set up for a long time, I feel that this concept is also for anyone who is working. Adulting is indeed hard and here is SEVENTEEN sympathizing with you.

I got Woozi and Vernon for the random photocards, Hoshi for the random sticker, and DK for the random bookmark.

Fallen Misfit Lost Version

When I was unboxing these albums in Japan, this version was the first version I opened. I haven't edited my Japan vlog and unboxing video huhu. I was so surprised that Wonwoo is the first photocard that I pulled.

I was really so frustrated with my Face The Sun albums because I bought a whole set and I didn't even pull even one photocard of Wonwoo. That's why I was so happy and surprised that I got him.

The other photocard that I got was S.Coups. For the random sticker, I got Woozi. And for the random bookmark, I got S.Coups.

Carat Version


For the carat version, the member inside is actually random. But thanks to Aling Chulien, they offered a sure-member version. So, I bought Joshua's and Wonwoo's versions. I really like how the carat version looks like. The drawing was so pleasing to my eyes. Aside from that, I also like the wedding theme of this version. It really shows how SEVENTEEN is with us in every phases of our lives.

The carat version includes a binder (which I was surprised that it was small compared to the previous carat versions), 24 member photocard, CD, lyric book, and 4 random photocards. For the random photocards, I got Mingyu, The8, Vernon, and Seungkwan.


For Wonwoo's version, I got Vernon, The8 (which is the same photocard with the one I pulled on Joshua's), Wonwoo, and Joshua. I was so happy here since my I got my biases in one album - Wonwoo and Joshua. This is the first time that has happened to me.

I'm still looking for a Jeonghan photocard wherein he also had a half-heart pose so that I can pair him with Joshua (oh yes my OTP is Jihan).

Overall, I'm so happy with my pulls in this album. I can't wait to unbox SEVENTEEN's new albums again soon. Hoshi just spoiled that they will be having another comeback on October. But before that, they will be having their Japan comeback this August, with Always Yours.

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