UNBOXING: SEVENTEEN 7th Generation Carat Membership Kit

January 31, 2023

I'm a registered CARAT!

After months of waiting, I have finally received my 7th Generation membership kit. Although I have been a member even before and I have my digital card, this is the first time I actually bought the membership kit because I want to have a physical card.

The main reason why I registered in the membership so that I am able to get the benefits of the fanclub like for example having an early access to ticketing, see exclusive contents, able to get special photocards at the Carat Zone when you attend concert in Korea, and a lot more. I was able to secure a concert ticket here in Manila because of the membership. So there are really good things about the membership.

But do take note, even if you did not register in the membership, you are still a CARAT as long as you love SEVENTEEN.

Inclusions of SEVENTEEN 7th Generation Membership Kit

Membership inclusions differ every generation and also every group. This is my third time buying a membership kit. First was X1 Membership Kit. Second was The Boyz Membership Kit.


The concept for this 7th Generation Membership Kit is GAM3 BO1. That's why it looks like a game boy (lol I'm not a gamer or I don't usually play games that's why I don't know the differences). The box looks thick so I'm sure that the inclusions will be safe.

Membership Card

I have to hide my membership details so that others won't be able to use it.

Anyway, this is how the membership card looks like. Well, this one looks better than the 6th membership card. Plus I love that they put the Carat logo there too. There's nothing really special here except for your name on the card.


I honestly love this concept. I love their outfits here and just the whole vibe. I'm really into this kind of colors. They looks so fresh, young, and just your normal friends out there. But aside from this, there are two more concepts inside - the Sniper and Wizard concepts. I'll upload the whole unboxing once I finish editing it.

Heat changing mug

I haven't used it so I can't show you a photo of the one when there's hot water in it. I'll be updating this blog post once I have used it. But I honestly don't think I'll use it as often since I don't drink coffee and I saw something on Twitter that the design gets removed.

So, I think this will just be used for display.

Photocard and Photo ID Holder

In the KPop world right now, a lot of fans love to put photocards on their bags. So, photocard holders are famous now. Unlike before, we just put it behind our phone cases or on our wallets. This photocard holder is almost the same like the one on the DICON. The difference is that at the back of this photocard holder is a smaller space for the photo ID.

Selfie Photocard

With the membership kit, you'll get a full set of photocards. I'm really so happy with this set because Wonwoo looks so good here. Like what I have mentioned earlier, there are two more concepts, the sniper and the wizard.

Player Photocard

With this set, it's more like a playing game card based from the design. I love Joshua's look in this set tho.

Photo ID

For the Photo IDs, the concept was the GAM3 BO1 one. They really look so young in these photos. I'll be making a photo id holder for these ones so that I can store them like a usual photocard.

That's the whole inclusion of the membership kit. It isn't as many as the past kits and other groups' kits but I'm still happy with this purchase. I really can't wait to use my membership card in Seoul soon!

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