Unboxing my SEVENTEEN DICON Photocard 101: Custom Book

April 03, 2022

Recently, I have been into collecting Seventeen merchandises. If you have been following me on my TikTok or Instagram account, you'll be seeing most of my short unboxing videos. Last April 1, my SEVENTEEN DICON Photocard 101: Custom Book has finally arrived after a few weeks / months of waiting.


Outerbox / Binder

For the Outerbox, it is a brown box with the words DICON Photocard 101: Custom Book Seventeen are written. It somehow looks like a corrugated box used for shipping photocards. Inside the outerbox, you'll immediately see the binder.

The Binder also has those words written in the front. What I like about this binder is that the color is so pretty. Of course, it's Seventeen's official color, Rose Quartz and Serenity, which is definitely one of my favorite colors too.

At the side of the binder, the word SEVENTEEN is written. So, when people see this on my cabinet, they'll know that this is a binder for my Seventeen photocards.

After opening the binder, you'll get to see this first. My choice is... Seventeen since 2021. Though let's make it 2020 since that's when I started stanning Seventeen.

It's actually not a typical binder because it has two covers (?). I can't explain it much in words so I'll just show you a photo.

It has an opening for both right and left side. I actually like this because I'm sure that my photocards are safe.

The binder consists of 25 pieces 4-pocket sleeve and 1 piece 1-pocket sleeve. Just right for the photocards and postcards included here. The sleeves were actually okay. It's not that thick like my sleeves but it can still make your photocards be secured.


You might have noticed the postcard already on the other photo. This merch includes one group postcard during their photoshoot with Dispatch.

Photocard Holder

Although I don't usually bring my photocards with me when I leave the house, I still want to have this photocard holder. I might put an unofficial photocard there so that I can bring it outside the house. I already have a trauma of bringing an official photocard outside because my phone was stolen and one of my prio photocard was there. So, it was also stolen.


Of course, the 100 photocards. I never thought that I'll be getting this amount of photocards in one merch. The most number of photocards that I got was with The Boyz Season's Greetings wherein I got 45 photocards. But then, Seventeen broke that record. Now, I got 100 photocards.

But since I'm a sparks collector, I decided to just store the photocards that have sparks for me. And for the other photocards, I decided to just sell it on my Shopee account. But if they won't be sold, then I'll just store it.

In terms of the quality of the photocards, I'll say that I'm a bit disappointed. The photocards were a bit thin that's why it's prone to bending. There were also some photocards that has printing problems. You can clearly see the lines of the ink.

But still, it's their face in there so I should still be happy.


I actually have a full unboxing video of this one but I don't think I can edit it since I'm a little bit busy. So for now, here's a short unboxing video.

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