K-Pop Fan Attends 2022 P-Pop Convention

April 12, 2022

Ever since the pandemic happened, mass gatherings were not allowed. Meaning, offline events like concerts and conventions were put to stop. But recently, the Philippines was placed in Alert Level 1 allowing some mass gatherings as long as they follow the protocol. That's why the 2022 P-Pop Convention finally happened.

If you have been following this blog, you will know that I am a lowkey fan of P-Pop. My interest in P-Pop started with SB19, until it bloomed with BGYO and BINI. At first, I was really hesitant to become a fan of P-Pop groups. I don't know, maybe because of my pride as a K-Pop fan? But little did I know that I will get interested with these P-Pop groups.

My Experience Attending 2022 P-Pop Convention

DAY 1 - Convention

It's been a long time since I attended a convention as a normal person. Usually, during KPOPCONs, I am part of the staff so I am more focused on the program rather than being a fan. Although this time, I was there to promote KMall Philippines (under Oppa Is Life), I still get to enjoy the convention as a fan.

Just like KPOPCONs, there are also fanclub booths, stage performances, and raffles. The only difference is that the P-POP groups were allowed to visit their respective fanclub booths. KPOPCONs usually don't have K-Pop artists, or if they do have, they are not allowed to visit the booths since it will cause chaos.

Press Hit Play visiting their fanclub's booth
The booths that I visited the most are KMall Philippines, BGYO x ACEs, and PPOPCON booths. But I also tried to roam around other fandoms' booths to see how big their fandoms are.

BGYO x ACEs booth
One of the special moments in this convention is that, you get to see some P-Pop groups perform. Most of them are rookies actually. But even though they are rookies, I can say that they came prepared. Yes, I was shocked with their performances especially for VXON, KAIA, and G22.


I actually enjoyed the convention because of the people around me. But this event still needs some improvement in terms of the rules, programs, and venue.

For the rules, my only problem was the "re-entry policy". Before the event, as far as I know, re-entry is allowed. But during the event, it wasn't, which made it hard for me since I also need to eat. The food booths there cannot satisfy me since I need some rice meals.

For the program, honestly, even though I enjoyed the performances, I felt a bit bored. I don't know what part made me bored but there's something missing. Or maybe it's just the energy?

For the venue, I don't think New Frontier is a good place for a convention because of its floor style. It's a bit steep making the booths a bit slanted. Also, there are few spaces between the booths making it hard to walk especially when you're in front of a big fandom.

But for a first P-Pop Convention, it's already good. Hoping to see more improvements on the future conventions.

DAY 2 - Concert

It's been a long time since I last attended a concert in Araneta Coliseum. I guess the last time I attended a concert in Araneta Coliseum was during DAY6 'Gravity' in Manila? In fact, the first concert that entered my mind was actually Stray Kids' concert. That's how lost I am with my concert experiences.

But it's definitely a long time since I had an upperbox seat for a concert. Since I usually take the VIP seats or the media seats. I actually have no money for this concert because I recently quit my job and I'm just starting my own small business. But a friend sponsored me a ticket for this event. That's why I'm so thankful.

The concert started at around 3:15pm which is early for a concert. But since there are a lot of groups performing, it really needs to start early. The host for the event is VJ Ai Dela Cruz, a MYX host. I can say that she is the most suitable host for this event. Her energy is so good, plus, she knows a lot about these P-Pop groups. I really hope that she will be the hosts too in the future.


The event opened with explosive performances from these rookie P-Pop groups, KAIA, G22, and VXON. Like what I have mentioned earlier, these groups are really impressive. They have the talent and the looks. If I didn't made a research about them, I would think that they have debut for quite some time. I would really love to see more of their performances soon!


This is not my first time seeing them and hearing them perform. In fact, when I was in high school, I had the chance to perform on the same event with them. I met them during rehearsals and on the event itself. The second time I met them was during the Superstar K6 audition in Manila.

I'm so happy to see them again, tho. And I can say that their performance during the concert was a blast! Especially the Greatest Showman medley. I also felt some goosebumps when they asked to turn on our flashlights while they perform.


One of the kindest and one of the most humble P-Pop groups I met. I actually knew PHP way before they debuted since most of them are from cover groups. They also perform during our events. Back then, I already like them. That's why when I heard that they will be debuting with the title track "WIN" I really supported them.

Their performance during the concert was the most touching performance. In fact, I really cried so hard during their performance. Not just one tear, but I really cried. It's finally coming. They're slowly reaching their dreams. And I'm so happy that they didn't give up. I will continue supporting them because they deserve it.


My babies. Just in case you didn't know, well, I used to edit some of their vlogs. Although I have only worked with them personally one time, I still consider them as my babies. I love their outfit! They look so gorgeous, especially my bias Colet. But I felt that their time was a bit short. I don't know why. But I really enjoyed their performance!


I have heard of their group but to be honest, I haven't heard any of their songs. I don't even know the members. But they somehow reminded me of the second gen K-Pop groups during their debut. The vibes, the outfit, the way the perform.


I'm sorry but Alamat is one of the P-Pop groups that I misjudged. I actually watched their music videos and listened to their songs. They really didn't give me a great impact. But when I saw them perform live, I realized that they were good performers and the song that I didn't like when I first heard it was not really that bad after all. Now, I can say that Alamat has a potential since their vibes are what Filipinos usually like.

Oh and by the way, I'm a bit eyeing on Taneo since he looks like one of my favorite Chinese actors from Prince of Tennis, Zhang Yi Jie.


Of course, the main reason why I attended this event, for BGYO. I am really proud of their performance as a whole because I felt that they were enjoying their stage. I didn't get any nervous feeling from them. I love how playful they are during their ments. I actually like their song setlist.

My only comment was I didn't like their outfits much (I'm sorry Sir Danyl!) I know they look expensive and their outfits are expensive but I was looking forward for a more concert-type of clothes? The ones they were wearing suits more on an award show or an event that has a red carpet on it. But still, they nailed their look.


One of the groups that has a great stage presence. Maybe because they have been performing for a lot of times already. But I really liked these girls energy and stage presence. They know how to hype the crowd. I don't know any of their songs but they made me feel like I know them.


Of course, this event will not be complete without SB19! Gosh! Their performance was really good I felt like I was watching a concert of my favorite K-Pop group. Their energy from the start was already high and it keeps on going up. They were even better from the last time I got to watch them (I guess that was Happy Hallyu 3?)

I also love their wardrobe. Come on! Whoever gave Stell that kind of outfit, I love you. He really looks so good there! I was just a bit bothered with Pablo's hair but he still nailed it.

I knew SB19 since their start. I even attended their first free fan meeting. During that time, I was really sad because it was a free event yet only few showed up. But now, they can even fill this whole coliseum. I'm so happy for their success.

I love that they ended the concert with all the groups on stage. Whenever I watch K-Pop concerts with a lot of groups, they never come back on stage together. I'm so happy that in this P-Pop Convention, they ended the concert well. I'm so happy to see the groups' interactions too.

The concert lasted for about 5-6 hours? It was really a long concert. It was tiring but it was a fun one. I am looking forward for the next PPOPCON.

After Concert

After the concert, I went back to the hotel to fix some things before going to the ACEs meetup. I didn't know that the artists are having an after party in the hotel so I met a lot of them at the lobby.

I was able to have a photo with BINI Stacey and Colet. I wanted to have a photo with Jhoanna, and other BINI members too though but they were a bit busy with some other people there.

The next day, I was able to get a photo with BGYO JL, Mikki, and Gelo.

These are my babies. I am their "Ate Ruthie" except that JL never calls me that. Haha.

I was tired but I can definitely say that I had fun. I can't wait to see P-Pop rise more. I hope they'll continue to improve song-wise and performance-wise. Thank you so much for making this P-POP Convention happen! Until next event!

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