My Experience Watching Seventeen Power of Love The Movie at SM Batangas

April 27, 2022

This is the first ever event that I have attended as a Carat. As you all know, I started becoming a fan of Seventeen in 2020 and eventually became even more active in 2021. But since those were pandemic days, I wasn't able to attend any Seventeen-related event. That's why watching Seventeen Power of Love The Movie at SM Batangas is a special thing for me.

Days before Power of Love The Movie

Seventeen Power of Love The Movie was released April 20. But since it's on a weekday and the cinema is a bit far from my place, I decided to just watch it on the 23rd, together with a friend. So, days before the 23rd, I was so busy doing some freebies.

These are fanmade photocards and stickers. The photos used were their promotional photos for Darling and Power of Love. I only made 40 packs of these freebies wherein one pack consists of two random photocards and two random stickers. So, it will be a little bit thrilling when you open it.

A day before Power of Love The Movie, I suddenly received a very special package.

I actually didn't expect for my Caratbong to arrive this fast. I ordered this from on Shopee last April 15 and it arrived at my place last April 22. It's definitely under a fast ETA. It's my first time buying from and I really had a great experience with them. I might buy my future merch with them too.

Anyway, now that I'm holding my own Caratbong, I can say that it's definitely the prettiest lightstick I have. It's not that I'm biased because Seventeen is currently my priority right now, but I have a lot of reasons to say why this lightstick is the best. I love the colors. These are actually my favorite colors. Aside from that, the diamond looks so good there. Plus, you can design your own caratbongs.

But since I lack time, I wasn't able to design it. I just let it as it is.

Power of Love The Movie D-Day

SM Batangas is actually quite far from our place. It's probably a 2-hour travel. I decided to just drive instead of commuting since my friend and I are going to our high school reunion after.

After arriving at SM Batangas, we already saw some Carats outside the Cinema. So, I gave them some freebies and also ended up having a photo with them.

I love how we easily interacted even if it's our first time to meet. But then, I realized we were on a different cinema. They are on Cinema 3 while Joyce and I are in Cinema 2. But still, it's fun to meet fellow Carats.

Of course, it's also a must to take a photo with my bias. I really miss you Wonwoo. I know you need more time and I will wait for you until you're ready. You don't need to rush.

The Movie

Well, it's a bit different from BTS The Movie before. Because for BTS, it was really all about the behind-the-scenes of their concert. But for this one, it's more of the performances from the online concert plus interviews. The difference that I noticed was the performances here had a different camera shots. But the line-up was still the same. As far as I can remember.

I am still happy that I heard Imperfect Love. I really love DK's voice. If given the chance, I would really want DK to sing in my wedding (if ever I'll get married lol). I somehow felt like it was a concert. But of course, nothing can be compared with an offline concert. I really hope I can meet them soon!


Here's a full vlog of my experience watching Seventeen Power of Love The Movie

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