Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Studying Korean

April 29, 2022

It's been years since I started my first ever Korean class. At that time, my only goal was to be able to understand Korean dramas without the need for an English subtitle. My willingness to learn the language was still not that great that's why I just attended classes, go home, and no longer review the lesson. I barely even do my assignments before.
Recently, I decided to study Korean again and that's when I realized my mistakes. So now, I'll be sharing to you the things I wished I knew before I started studying Korean.

Memorizing Korean Words / Vocabulary is very important

While I was studying Korean recently, one of my struggles is to understand what my teacher is saying. I know that she is explaining something but I can't fully understand because of the words that she used. Most of the words she mentioned are unfamiliar with me. But, some of my classmates understood it. Mainly because they knew the meaning of the words.

When I was reviewing for my exam, I was not able to answer some of questions in my reviewer because I forgot what the words mean. But if I had known the meaning of those Korean words, it would have been easier for me.

For my new goal, I would memorize at least 10 new Korean words daily. There are a lot of websites where you can get those words. Memorizing Korean words will really help you with your studying Korean journey.

You can practice speaking Korean on your own too

Another struggle that I experienced is speaking Korean. Most of the times, I can understand the question, I know the answer to that question, but I'm having a hard time to spit the right Korean sentences. I always told myself that it would have been better if I am talking with someone. For sure, I would become better in speaking. Well, it's right. But, based from experience, I can also practice speaking Korean on my own. How?

You can either create some questions or just blurt out random questions. Example, "What's on top of your table?" Then, you will answer "Well, I have my computer. Then beside my computer is my printer and my tablet. My ballpens are also at the side. (of course in Korean)", and etc. With that, you can make your mind work.

When you do it everyday, you'll be more confident with your speaking skills.

You really need to understand why you are studying the language

Just like what I mentioned earlier, my willingness to study the language wasn't that great that's why I kept on forgetting it. I also do not put much effort on it. Knowing the reason why you are studying the language will keep you on track. This will help you persevere more in studying.

Reading Korean news and watching K-Dramas can help a lot

These are two different styles. One is for the formal way and the other is for the informal way. Since I have been translating Korean entertainment news so that I can update my Facebook page, it really helped me learn new Korean words. Because I frequently do this, there are words that are now familiar with me. I also tend to write the articles on a notebook and translate it.

With watching K-Dramas, it helped me with my listening skills. There were times that when I was working with my small printing shop, I was also watching K-Dramas. Sometimes, I wasn't able to read the subtitles because I was cutting the photocards. But my mind was processing the sentences that the actors said.

It's Okay to Ask for Help

As a person who don't usually ask for help, one thing I realized is that asking for help is not wrong. In fact, it will help you with the things you don't know. Since I have friends who are also good in speaking Korean, I message them and ask them if my Korean grammar is right. Or, how can I say this sentence using this grammar. My skills improved because of their help.

I still have a long way ahead but we're getting there. I just need to give more time in studying the language. For those who are also studying, what are your advice to people?

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