K-Dramas to look forward this April 2022

April 01, 2022

Another month, another set of K-Dramas to look forward to! I have listed here the K-Dramas that will start airing this April 2022.


Airing Date: April 1, 2022

Kim Hee Seon as Koo Ryeon
Ro Woon as Choi Jun Woong
Lee Soo Hyuk as Park Joong Gil
Yun Ji On as Lim Ryung Gu

Plot: It is a story about Choi Jun Woong who can't seem to find a job accidentally meets the angels of death who belongs to a crisis management team. The goal is to save suicidal people. Choi Jun Woong then became part of the team.

It's Beautiful Now

Airing Date: April 2, 2022

Yoon Si Yoon as Lee Hyun Jae
Bae Da Bin as Hyun Mi Rae
Oh Min Suk as Lee Yoon Jae
Shin Dong Mi as Sim Hae Joon
Seo Bum June as Lee Soo Jae
Choi Ye Bin as Na Yoo Na

Plot: It is a family-themed story which also tackles about the reality of this generation who doesn't want to get married.

Green Mothers Club

Airing Date: April 6, 2022


Lee Yo-Won  as Eun-Pyo
Choo Ja-Hyun  as Chun-Hee
Kim Gyu-Ri as Jin-Ha
Jang Hye-Jin as Young-Mi
Joo Min-Kyung as Yoon-Joo

Plot: It is a story about five mothers who all have elementary children and will show their growth and friendship.

Again My Life

Airing Date: April 8, 2022

Lee Joon-Gi as Kim Hee-Woo
Lee Kyoung-Young as Jo Tae-Seob
Kim Ji-Eun as Kim Hee-A

Plot: Adapted from a webtoon, it tells the story of a prosecutor who was killed by unidentified men while investigating a corruption case. He then found himself alive again.

Our Blues

Airing Date: April 9, 2022


Lee Byung-hun as Lee Dong-seok
Shin Min-a as Min Seon-ah
Cha Seung-won as Choi Han-soo
Lee Jung-eun as Jeong Eun-hee
Uhm Jung-hwa as Go Mi-ran
Han Ji-min as Lee Young-ok
Kim Woo-bin as Park Jeong-joon

Plot: It is a drama that talks about the individual stories of these people living in Jeju Island.

My Liberation Notes

Airing Date: April 9, 2022

Lee Min-ki as Yeom Chang-hee
Kim Ji-won as Yeom Mi-jung
Son Seok-koo as Mr. Goo
Lee El as Yeom Ki-jung

Plot: It is a drama that tells a story of three siblings and a stranger.

The Secret House

Airing Date: April 11, 2022

Seo Ha-joon as Woo Ji-hwan
Lee Young-eun as Baek Joo-hong
Kim Jung-heon as Nam Tae-hyung
Kang Byul as Nam Tae-hee
Lee Seung-yeon as Ham Sook-jin
Nam Tae-hyung and Nam Tae-hee's mother

Plot: It is a story of a guy who quits being a good boy and chased evil for the sake of his mother and sister that sacrificed themselves.

Love All Play (493km For You)

Airing Date: April 20, 2022

Park Ju-Hyun as Park Tae-Yang
Chae Jong-Hyeop as Park Tae-Joon
Park Ji-Hyun as Park Joon-Young

Plot: A sports romance drama about the badminton mixed-double pair.

Shooting Star

Airing Date: April 22, 2022

Lee Sung-Kyung as Oh Han-Byeol
Kim Young-Dae as Gong Tae-Sung
Lee Jung-Shin as Do Soo-Hyeok
Yoon Jong-Hoon as Kang Yoo-Sung
Kwon Han-Sol as Hong Bo-In
Lee Seung-Hyub as Kang Si-Duk

Plot: It is a story that revolves around the entertainment world which includes the star and the staff.

Showtime Begins!

Airing Date: April 23, 2022

Park Hae-jin as Cha Cha-woong
Jin Ki-joo as Go Seul-hae
Jung Joon-ho as General Choi Gum
Jung Suk-yong as Deputy Nam Sang-geon

Plot: It is a story of a mysterious magician and a hot-blooded police who both work with ghosts to solve different cases.

The Killer's Shopping List

Airing Date: April 27, 2022

Lee Kwang-soo as Ahn Dae-sung
Kim Seol-hyun as Do Ah-hee
Jin Hee-kyung as Jeong Myeong-sook

Plot: It is a drama about a district police officer, a local supermarket owner, and her son who are investigating an incident through a supermarket receipt.

Youth, Climb the Barrier

Official Poster hasn't been released as of writing

Airing Date: April 30, 2022

Park Hyung Sik as Lee Hwan
Jeon Seo Nee as Min Jae Yi

Plot: It is a love story about a prince who is suffering from a curse and a woman who is falsely accused of murdering her family.

Which K-Dramas are you looking forward to watch this 2022?

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