My Experience Attending CARATLAND 2022

March 27, 2022

CARATLAND is definitely one of the most awaited event of Seventeen and Carats. Not only because it's a fan meeting but also because Carats will get to see special performances (like the reverse performances) from Seventeen. But what made this year's CARATLAND more special is that after a long period, it will be held offline!

Seventeen CARATLAND 2022 happened this March 25-27. The whole three nights were held offline but on the third day, they also had a livestream wherein international fans (like me) can watch.

My Experience Attending CARATLAND 2022

Caratland Day 1

I've been emotionally stressed these past days that I even forgot that CARATLAND starts on the 25th of March. Good thing, I was able to check Twitter and got reminded of the event. Since there was no livestream for the first and second day of Caratland, all I can do is to wait for fancams.

There were also kind Korean Carats who shared an audio stream for international fans like me. Although we know it's not really allowed, but as a fan, I also want to be updated real-time. The funny part of being in an audio stream is that when the Korean Carat put his/her phone inside her bag, I can also here the sounds of his/her things clashing on each other.

During the first day, I was really crying because after a long time, I felt this jealousness in me because I badly wanted to be in the offline event too. I missed attending concerts. I missed being part of the crowd.

Caratland was held in an open venue since the pandemic is still here. But during the first day, it rained. Although they had their raincoats, they'll still get wet. I can still remember my experience during MTV Music Evolution in Manila last 2016.

Seventeen's performances were even more intense since it's raining. Wonwoo even removed his shoes while dancing because it's slippery. Some of them slipped during their performances. Good thing no one was badly hurt.

But you know what made me fell in love with them even more? It's when they were told to sit down near the covered area so that they won't get rained on but they ended up pulling their chairs nearer to the fans because they wanted to see them more. Plus, if the fans are willing to get rained on what more Seventeen, right?

This is the photo uploaded by Seventeen on their Twitter account. I used this photo as my lockscreen wallpaper to remind myself that if Seventeen is willing to get rained on just to see their fans closely, then I shouldn't settle with someone who can't even give me the bare minimum whether it be on another idol or life in general.

Caratland Day 2

The set list was almost the same except that on this day they performed "To You". This time, they performed it with the whole members. Jun and The8 were not present in their performances before because they went back to China for a short while.

I wasn't able to listen much during Day 2 because I was attending a wedding of a relative. I just waited for the fancams and fan tweets. Good thing Day 2 wasn't raining.

Caratland Day 3

This is finally the day that I can watch them. Although it's still not in person, but at least there's a video now. I can finally see the VCRs and their whole performances. I'm really excited to see the Light a Flame 97z version. To be honest, this whole Caratland I was wrecked by DK and Mingyu.

The subtitles were a bit late since it's live but I'm happy that I was able to understand some parts. I still need to study Korean more.

This is me taking a selfie while watching. Oh yes, I made sure that it's Wonwoo on the frame because he is my bias in Seventeen. I used my tablet instead of my computer so that I can go around the house while watching it.

I don't have a caratbong with me since I haven't bought one. But I'm planning to buy soon since S.Coups mentioned that they will be having a world tour soon.

Fans were actually speculating that the world tour will start on September since Hoshi mentioned three different months - April, wherein they'll have a pre-release song, May, their comeback, and September, without any other details.

If this is real, I hope that there will be a PH stop and also I hope I can attend. I'll make sure I'll attend! I'll make sure I'll see them complete before they start their military service.

Although I have listened to their setlist for the past two days, I still felt excited while watching Day 3 of Caratland. During the photo opportunity, they mentioned that those who are watching online should take a selfie with them. So, I did. Excuse my haggard face.

The event lasted for more than four hours! Which really shocked me. This is how long fan meetings are in South Korea. I can still remember I wrote a blog before comparing the fan meeting in South Korea and in the Philippines.

Favorite Parts in Caratland 2022

Run To You

Run To You is definitely one of my favorite Seventeen songs. That's why I am so happy that this was a part of the set list. I was able to hear it for the whole three days of Caratland.

Light A Flame 97z

Oh come on, this is probably one of the hottest performances in the whole Caratland 2022. Everyone definitely swerved lanes because of this performance. Mingyu singing Wonwoo's part was definitely great! Words can't explain how much I love this performance.

Wonwoo Dumb Dumb

So the reason why they asked before on Weverse what song doesn't suit the members was because it will be used for Caratland. Wonwoo actually got Dumb Dumb. And after the games, he was chosen to dance or perform a song that doesn't suit him. But come on, Wonwoo is so adorable in this performance.

The8 Horangi Power

We all know that The8 is one of Hoshi's basher (in a funny way tho) and he hates it when Hoshi considers himself as a Tiger. So what more if he's going to perform Hoshi's Tiger Power? But it's really cute! I love this performance!

The whole three days of Caratland 2022 was indeed a very special moment for me. While watching or listening, I was also spazzing with my Carat friend. I really can't wait to see Seventeen soon. And when that time comes, I hope my love for them is still burning like what I'm feeling right now.

I'm still hoping I can attend Caratland live soon!

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