UNBOXING: The Boyz Season's Greetings 2022

March 04, 2022

I'm back with another unboxing blog. Oh and yes, it's another season's greetings. How many calendars do I need in one year though? Lol. Anyway, I know it's already March and it's a little bit late. But still, I want to share to you what's inside The Boyz Season's Greetings.

To be honest, I love how the packaging looks like. The outer box is so thick that's why I'm sure that the inclusions are really safe. It's easier to store in the shelf, too, unlike Seventeen's season's greetings. What I like more about this is it also has a full set of photocards for the pre-order benefits. Anyway, here are the inclusions of the season's greetings:

The Boyz Season's Greetings Inclusions


The diary reminds me of DAY6's second season's greetings diary. It also has a cover. But what makes this different is that there's a pocket. You can put a photocard (tho I wouldn't dare to) or any other photo here. This diary has a normal notebook size that's why it's much easier to bring.


This one is a horizontal type of calendar. But the fun thing here is the photo and the calendar itself are separated from each other. It also has a checklist so that you can write the things you need to accomplish with that month.

You can check my vlog (at the bottom of this post) for the full unboxing video.


This season's greetings consists of a pouch. I don't usually use pouches. But this pouch is actually a good quality one although the color is a bit light so it's easier to get dirt on. You can put some small things like your powerbank, chargers, etc.

Information Sheet

Just like a club recruitment, you have to fill out a form. So this information sheet is somehow their form wherein their details and other things about them are written.

Photo IDs

I guess photo IDs are a thing now. I'm not really a fan of photo ids because they are small and I don't know how to store them. Good thing, I can make photo ID holders so I can store this in a binder. But still, these photo IDs are so cute.

Sticker Sheet

This sticker sheet gives me a 90s vibes. Maybe because of the color of the photos. These stickers are so cute tho!


I was really shocked with the amount of photocards this season's greetings has. It consists of 4 photocard sets which includes the POB. One set here contains 12 photocards (11 members + 1 group). I actually thought my X1 membership kit has the most photocards but I guess this broke the record.

A4 Poster

The A4 poster is a bit like a calendar too since there are numbers at the bottom. What I like about this poster is it's thick. But my main problem is where to store this. Well, it'll probably stay on the box if I won't be able to find a binder for this.


Here is my full unboxing video! Check it out!

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