UNBOXING: Seventeen Season's Greetings 2022

February 23, 2022

Seventeen's Season's Greetings has finally arrived! To be honest, this is my first time buying a full set of season's greetings so I don't actually know what to expect. Before, I only buy the diary of the season's greetings because it serves as my planner. But recently, I decided to buy it mainly for the photocards.

I bought my season's greetings from my most trusted shop, Korean Craze PH.

Seventeen Season's Greetings 2022 Inclusions


The packaging of this season's greetings is a bit different from the usual ones. As far as I know, most season's greetings are placed in boxes. But for Seventeen, it is placed in a pouch which serves a purpose. Their theme for this year's season's greetings is "Outfit of the Day". So, putting it on a pouch makes it feel like we're buying clothes. Although I'm not a fan of this kind of packaging, I still find it creative.

Desk Calendar

It's a horizontal desk calendar. There are also photos of the members per month. Since Seventeen has 13 members, Dino (the maknae), is for January 2023. I actually love the colors and design of this calendar. My main problem is when the date is facing me, the photos of the member won't be seen since it's at the back. So, I have to choose. But this is a calendar so this should serve it's purpose.


This diary is bigger than the usual notebooks. That is one of the reason's why I'm not much into this diary. I prefer smaller notebooks. Aside from that, it's white meaning it's prone to dirt. But what I like about this diary is that the paper used here is of good quality. I love the texture and thickness.


Their Seventeen Magazine has that fashion magazine vibe - even with the paper. It's not a common photobook. I love the photos especially the solo parts. Of all the colors in the palette, I liked Jeonghan's and Hoshi's the most.

Photo ID

I actually got bothered with their photo id. Main reason is, it's not yet cut! Meaning, I have to manually cut it. I don't usually cut or alter something from official merch. Plus, I don't know where to store this photo ID. So, I ended up doing a photo id holder.

In fact, I'm selling these photo id holders on my Shopee account. I hope you'll check it out.

Photo Strip

There are three photo strips. The members were divided based from their birthdays which makes this more special. Aren't they all cute?


For this season's greetings, it has a full set of photocards. To be honest, the photocards that has sparks are Joshua's, Wonwoo's and Vernon's.


I also got a full set of polaroid. At the back of these polaroid are they messages for Carats. I don't think it's a real polaroid because it's quite thin but the vibe is somehow like that.

QR Code Card

To be honest, I haven't used this! I don't know what content this card contains but I'm planning to check it out soon. They said that only one account can use this.


This season's greetings also contains a random inclusion and that is the tag. I actually want to get Jeonghan's because I like his color the most. And who would have thought that I'll pull a Jeonghan tag? I guess I'm a bit lucky recently.


You can watch my full unboxing video on my Youtube Channel.

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