UNBOXING: The Red Sleeve OST Album

March 24, 2022

My The Red Sleeve OST album is finally home! Many people think I didn't get to watch this drama since I don't post a lot about it. I didn't even write a review. My bad. But just to let you know, yes, I watched The Red Sleeve.

I definitely got hooked with the drama that's why I bought this OST album. And after a few months of waiting, it has finally arrived!

Inclusions of The Red Sleeve OST album


I really find this bookmark so adorable. In The Red Sleeve, Deok Im loves to read, as well as Yi San. That's why I love this inclusion. I haven't been reading books lately. Mainly because I don't have time to read anymore. But if given the chance, I would love to read books again and use this as my bookmark.


Unlike other OST albums that I have unboxed, The Red Sleeve OST album contains 2 CDs. Both CDs have different designs. It has around 40+ songs in total. I would love to play these CDs but I don't have a player with me.

EMF Sticker

When I first saw this, I honestly have no idea what it is. So, I had to research the inclusions. And to my surprise, it's a sticker. To be honest, I don't know what's the difference between an EMF sticker and a normal sticker. Anyway, this inclusion is kinda cool.


I love the art style I love the color of these postcards. As a fan artist, I really want to be able to do an art like this. Unfortunately, my art style is different and it's actually hard for me to draw an anime-type of art. But I really love this.

Washi Tape

This is probably one of my most favorite inclusion. It's definitely something I can use. Since I have been packing some photocards or some photo prints, I needed washi tapes to secure those. I'll definitely use this soon!


Of course, the main reason why I bought this OST album, the photocards. Since you know I'm a photocard collector, I want to have photocards of Se Young and Junho. And now, I finally have them!

I have been collecting a lot of photocards recently. I don't know how many photocards have been added to my collection. More K-Drama photocards to come!


Of course, it won't be complete without the photobook. While checking out this photobooks, it reminds me of the drama. It makes me want to see them again together. But this time, in a romcom drama please! The Red Sleeve is quite heavy. lol.

Unboxing Video:

To see the photos inside the photobook, watch my full unboxing video here:

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