Korean Stars I Saw in South Korea

March 25, 2022

As a K-Pop and K-Drama fan (or Hallyu in general), one reason why I wanted to go to Korea is to be able to see some Korean stars whether it be randomly or through an event. Well, a lot of people said that it's really not that easy to meet a Korean star in South Korea. But if you're lucky enough, then you might bump into one.

I can say that I'm a bit lucky since I have only been in South Korea twice and I already met a lot of Korean stars (mostly are random events). Today, I'll be sharing to you my fangirl experiences.

Korean Stars I Saw in South Korea

Stray Kids Hyunjin and I.N

Since it's been years since this happened, I guess it's already okay to share this not-so-visible photo of Hyunjin and I.N. Hyunjin was the one wearing the violet one while I.N was the one wearing the black hoodie with a cap.

To be honest, I don't have any plans on taking a photo mainly because it's not a public event. They were also just buying some snacks at the Soul Cup Cafe. But I just want to be reminded that I actually saw them a week after their concert in Manila.

As far as I know, the Soul Cup Cafe near JYP Entertainment has been renovated and is just available for the staff and artists of JYP. I'm not so sure with this but I'll check it out. But, they actually had a new branch in Jamsil Lotte World Tower & Mall. I plan to go there once given the chance to visit Korea again.


For this time, it was a planned one. It was festival season when I first went to South Korea. And I'm just so happy because DAY6 had an event in one of the festivals that's why I was able to see them. I was actually nervous because I went to Beautiful Mint Life alone.

One of my regrets is that I didn't bring my 300mm lens there. I could have gotten a better photo of DAY6 during the event. But anyway, I still enjoyed it so much even if it caused me some wounds on my feet for standing too long.

During my second time in South Korea, I also got the chance to see DAY6 again. This time during a music show. It's Music Bank. They were promoting their song Sweet Chaos. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any photo inside. But this is the Music Bank performance that we got to attend watch.

Eric Nam

At the same event with DAY6, I also got to see Eric Nam perform. The people I met in that event were also fans of Eric Nam. I wasn't able to finish Eric Nam's performance though because I need to go to Ewha University area to meet my friends. But still, I'm thankful I got to see Eric Nam.

2AM Jinwoon

This is probably the most unexpected happening in my fangirl life. Who would have thought that I'll get to see my K-Pop crush since 2012? I really liked 2AM Jinwoon because of Dream High 2. To be honest, they weren't that famous here in the Philippines that's why I am no longer expecting that I'll get to see him. But during my second time in South Korea for the 2019 ACH Invitation Program, he performed in The Blue House since he is part of the military band.

BTOB Changsub

In that same event with 2AM Jinwoon, I also saw BTOB Changsub performing. He is also in the military band for his enlistment. I'm really so happy to see Changsub there since I'm also a lowkey Melody. As usual, Changsub's vocals never fail.

Yoo Jae Seok

Unfortunately, I have no photo of him because I only saw him for a very short while. We were riding our bus when we saw Yoo Jae Seok just moments after we saw 2AM Jinwoon and BTOB Changsub. He was actually filming something. I'm not quite sure what that is but he was like interviewing someone.

This is the episode of the interview that I mentioned. Our bus drove by at their back.
The funny thing here was all of us in the bus were asking if we could go around again to see Yoo Jae Seok more. But since we have other schedules, we weren't allowed. But still, it's good to see him randomly.

Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

According to some fans, this is the most random thing that has happened to me. Well, kinda lol. Why? Because I saw TXT outside SMTown Coex. They were doing their VLive there.

When I posted this video on my TikTok, a lot of fans said that they were there to visit their ads for their comeback promotion. It was really so random because they aren't even an artist from SM Entertainment. But yes, since it's a mall, a lot of people can visit it.


I wasn't able to attend NU'EST's concert here in Manila because I was too exhausted with all the work and school and I just badly want to rest that time. Little did I know that I'll be able to see them perform in South Korea during their promotion of  Love Me. This was their Music Bank performance that I got to watch live.

My bias in NU'EST is JR. But when I saw them live, I leaned towards Baekho. In fact, Baekho was a bit slimmer during their promotion here.

Tae Jin Ah

During our visit to K212 Cafe and Swing Entertainment, we got to meet Tae Jin Ah, a famous Korean Trot singer who also happened to be the former CEO of YMC/Swing Entertainment. We even had a short chat with him. He also knew that we were looking for X1 but he said that they had a schedule in Japan. He was really kind and approachable.

Lee Dong Wook

My first ever fan meeting in South Korea was Lee Dong Wook's fan meeting. He is one of my first love in the K-Drama world. The fan meeting was actually long, like around 3-4 hours? But I really enjoyed it. Although, I only understood a few parts here since there are no subtitles.

So far, these are the artists that I saw in South Korea. I'm hoping to see more soon since it is reported that South Korea will finally be opening its borders for travelers soon.

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