Finding Hope through Stray Kids - Unveil Tour "I am..." in Manila

May 02, 2019

These past few weeks have been quite a struggle for me. I was so busy with thesis that I no longer have time to do the things that I want - to blog, to cover songs, to be a fangirl. It seems like I have no more life outside academics. There also came to a point where I no longer want to attend any concerts. But I thank Stray Kids for allowing me to find hope in them.

Last April 27, Stray Kids finally came to the Philippines for their Unveil Tour "I am.." which was produced by PULP Live World. I actually plan on buying my own ticket since I wanted to just be a fan on the concert. Unfortunately, I my phone was stolen so the money that I saved for Stray Kids were used in buying a new phone.

But then, I thank for giving me a chance to see Stray Kids as a media. I also thank PULP Live World for giving us media invites. Because of you guys, I was able to witness the greatness of Stray Kids.

Kke (Young K doll) also came with me to watch Stray Kids. Guess what? My ticket was VIP Standing. Meaning, I am much closer with Stray Kids. Just a note, I have no Hi-Touch with them. Just a ticket. But who cares? I'll get to see Stray Kids up close! I love this job.



Physically, he has the best body in Stray Kids, well at least for me. His accent is one of the best. I love his accent so much. But aside from that, I find him very kind and I don't get it why people hate him. For a leader, he really did his best to accommodate everyone. Plus, he is great with playing with words. One of my media friends said that he is willing to vote for Bang Chan in the upcoming election. And one said that Bang Chan can be a pastor. He has a great speaking ability.


Personally speaking, Changbin caught my attention so much during the concert. I guess because he looks like my classmate in high school. But I never expected that he will be so handsome. That mullet hairstyle suits him the most. As usual, his raps were really on fire during the concert. Well, it's already given. Another thing that I noticed with him is that he doesn't talk that much but when he does, he leaves a very emotional one. I hope everyone can give Changbin more love. He deserves more.


My son. While staring at him, he looks more like GOT7's Mark than DAY6's Young K. Or maybe just because of his hairstyle? He is one of the most good looking member of Stray Kids. I admit it. That is one of the reason why he was my bias at first. The thing with Jisung is that he knows how to make his fans' hearts flutters. I once saw him talking with a fan during one of their segments. Hope I'll get to interact with him too in the future.


My bias everyone. When they released MIROH, that's when I started having him as my bias. He really looks good. Although I wish his hair was brushed up. But, I noticed Han more, in terms of their appearances. Still, that doesn't change the fact that Hyunjin still looks good. During their MIROH performance, I was actually worried with him. He hurt the fingers of his left hand which made it hard for him to move his arms well. But that doesn't stop him from not performing well.

Another thing, he really knows how to interact with the fans too. He keeps on sitting down and looking at the fans' cameras like as if he was flirting with them. lol. My noona heart was really filled that night. I am happy to see his sexy moves.


This kid. This kid freaking knows what the fans want. Well, he just showed us his abs, twice. Should I describe Felix or his abs? HAHA. His abs were well-defined. For a young age, maintaining a good body is really a struggle. So I salute him for it. His voice was really deep. And I love it whenever he speaks with his accent. I just wished that his face was a little chubbier like before.


He is probably the cutest maknae I have ever seen. One thing that caught my attention was his smile. He loves to smile every time. He acts as if he is really a child and that makes me want to squish him and hug him. His vocals were also great. I no longer know what to say to him. I just want to cover him with all my love. That's how I felt.


One of the cutest member of Stray Kids. I feel like I'm seeing Youngjae and Wonpil in him. He is quite the shy type during the segments but he is one pro whenever he performs. His vocals were really good and stable. He barely come to my right side so I only notice him a few times. He has great vocals. I promise.


I don't know if he is cute or manly. Like, I wanted to see him as a cute person but the built of his body makes me want to think that he is a manly type. I stare at his face, he is a cute person. I stare at his body, woah, he is surely a manly one. The fans sang a happy birthday song for him. I don't know if he noticed it though.


I noticed him the most at the start because of his neon green clothes. Well, who wouldn't notice that, right? But aside from that, I see that he is working so hard to be a great performer. I believe that in the near future he can achieve what he wants. He has the talents and the looks. He only needs confidence in himself. Based from what I see, he is a bit hesitant at first. But that doesn't stop him from doing well.


Now I know why they are called a "monster rookie". They perform on stage as if they are pro performers already. I didn't feel like a newbie was performing. They made sure that everyone enjoys their performances. Plus, everyone knows how to interact with their fans very well. They may still have a lot of things to experience but this is already a good start. I hope Stray Kids will still continue to be the humble people that I know.

UNVEIL TOUR "I am..." in Manila

As the title says, "Finding hope through Stray Kids", I found hope in them. How? Why? Recently, I feel like quitting the fan girl life. The reasons were, I felt tired. A lot of people envy the job that I do because I always get to see idols up-close. And that probably is one of the reason why I got tired. I see idols almost every week. I take photos of them and write articles about them. But I never get to experience the fan girl feels anymore.

I always have to set aside my feels for this job. I can't enjoy because I have to be professional. Those were my thoughts these past few weeks. Maybe I got exhausted? Or maybe I was too overwhelmed with all the events and at the same time the stress that I have to do well in this field.

Although Bang Chan used the phrase earlier to comfort those who suffered loss and are in great pain during the earthquake, I found it applicable in my situation. I lost the fan girl feels long ago but I found hope through them. It was probably the main reason why I really enjoyed the concert. Because I finally felt alive. Yes, I was still there as a media. But this time, I got to enjoy their performances without thinking of other things.

With this, I would like to thank Stray Kids for keeping my fangirl feels alive. I thank you for putting back the fangirl spirit in me. And I hope that it will not be lost again.

Here are some photos of Stray Kids:

I hope this wouldn't be the first and the last time I'll get to see them. Noona will surely save money to see you again soon!

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