Another Fangirl Goal Achieved - DAY6 at Beautiful Mint Life 2019

May 18, 2019

As an international fan, one of my dreams is to watch my favorite idols perform in South Korea. Whether it be a concert, a gig, a festival, or a music show. Last May 11, 2019, I was given the chance to attend a music festival called Beautiful Mint Life, and saw DAY6 for the second time!

Some of you may ask how did I watch it, what are the things do I need to prepare, etc. I will be answering those questions on the next few paragraphs. My stay in Korea was from May 8 up until May 13. The first thing that I did was to check the schedules of my favorite artists. Luckily, DAY6 is attending Beautiful Mint Life 2019.

Things to know about Beautiful Mint Life

Because I haven't seen any blog or even a vlog about an international fan attending Beautiful Mint Life, I decided to create one. So that I can somehow help my fellow international fans if they want to attend a festival like this in Korea.

What is Beautiful Mint Life?

Beautiful Mint Life is an annual music festival in South Korea. It started way back 2010 which aims to showcase good music and springtime vibes to different set of fans. Beautiful Mint Life 2019 was a 2-day celebration. It happened last May 11 and 12 at the Olympic Park. For more information about this festival, you can visit their website. NOTE: The content of their side are mainly in Korean language.

How much is the ticket and where to buy?

There are two types of ticket: one-day pass (you can choose if you'll attend the first day or second day) and two-day pass. One-day pass costs 77,000 KRW (77 USD). Meanwhile, the two-day pass costs around 123,000 KRW (123USD), assuming that 1000 KRW = 1 USD.

Beautiful Mint Life uses Interpark and Melon for their ticketing. You need to have your account there in order to buy tickets. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy ticket online. Reason? The one-day ticket pass is already sold out. And the only available is the two-day pass. Since I'm only looking forward for DAY6's performance, it would not be wise to buy a two-day pass when they are only performing on the first day.

I continued to search on their website and even asked some help with Naver translate since most of information are in Korean language. Fortunately, it was stated in one of their posters that they will be having an onsite ticket selling. I also tried to message them on their Facebook page and they replied to my question. They will be releasing 100 tickets on the day itself and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Onsite tickets differ in price compared to the online tickets. One-day pass costs 85,000 KRW (85USD) and two-day pass costs 130,000KRW (130USD) if I'm not mistaken.

How to go to the venue?

Beautiful Mint Life happened at the Olympic Park. The nearest subway station to the venue is the Olympic Park station (Line 5 or Line 9) and exit on Exit 3 so that you'll no longer cross the street. Once you have seen the one above, just continue walking and you'll immediately see the KSPO Dome.

This event has three stages: Mint Breeze Stage, café Blossom House, and Loving Forest Garden. All of these stages are just in the Olympic Park.

To be honest, I was afraid to go to the venue alone. I am not really fond of travelling alone especially to unknown places. But thanks to Korea's subway, everything became convenient for me.

Why are there different stages? How will we know who will be the artist performing on that stage?

Through their SNS pages, they will be announcing something like the photos above. The artists are there as well as the time and stage they will be performing. Since it's a festival, there will be different performances and one venue can't handle all the attendees. So maybe that's the reason why there are different stages.

Fangirl Diary Time!

I'm going to admit. Even if I badly want to see DAY6 there, I hesitated. What if I can't buy tickets on the day itself? What if I'm all alone? It costs PHP4k-6k just for a 40 minute performance, I can just save it for their concert in PH. These are the things that kept on running on my mind. Honestly speaking, I decided not to go the night before the event. That is why I did not bring my camera lens and woke up late that day. I even went to Seoul Forest instead of going straight to the venue.

While I was in Seoul Forest, something kept on bothering me. I felt like I was being pulled to the Olympic Park. So before I head home, I told myself to go to Olympic Park and check if there are still tickets available. What's meant to be will be. If there are tickets, then go. If none, then better luck next time.


So I guess, it was meant to be?

I immediately bought the ticket and went straight to KSPO Dome were DAY6 will be performing. I love how they have this ID-type where they put the map and other information needed for the event. What I also love here is that the strap has a Beautiful Mint Life words.

Although it was still early for DAY6's performance, I decided to just go inside the KSPO Dome to have a better view. The funny thing here is that, Koreans never check the people's bag. That is why it is easy to sneak out the camera inside. Unlike here in the Philippines, the guards are so strict and will simply not allow you to bring your camera inside the venue.

I just followed the people in front of me and went straight to the standing area to have a closer look of the artists performing.

My selca just to document that I was really there. HAHA^^


The first artist that I got to watch was Billy Acoustie. I am not actually familiar with him but that doesn't mean I did not appreciate his songs. In fact, his vocals were good! And the funny thing is that when 'No Reply' was performing (the next performer), Bily Acoustie was beside me. I just noticed it when someone asked for a photo.

I, too, want to have a photo with him. But I was too shy to ask. Another chance wasted. Sad.


No Reply is a duo which consists of Tune (Jeong Wook-jae) and Moment (Kwon Soon-gwan). Like Bily Acoustie, I am not familiar with them. But you know what made me intrigued? When they were performing, a lot of people went to the standing area. There was even a time when the attendees continue on jumping while they were performing.

It's true that their songs are beautiful and I might get to listen to more of them.


The main reason why I attended this event - DAY6. It has been months since I last saw them and I really miss them and their music. I wanted to experience hearing them sing their songs with the Korean crowd. Whether they perform in front of the Korean crowd or in an international crowd, DAY6 still rocks.

They were all so hype during the performances. Jae and Young K were on fire with their adlibs and high notes. I became a fan of DAY6 ever since the start and I saw how they improved. Their vocals were more stable now, and they are more confident in performing.

Check my Facebook page for videos of the event.

During I WAIT, an incident happened. Young K actually fell down while performing. I didn't see how it happened because the person in front of me was so tall. What I saw was he was already kneeling down. I also noticed how Dowoon and Wonpil were laughing at him. They even teased him during their segments.

After the event, I saw some fancams on how he fell and it really looks painful. I just hope he is really okay.

DAY6 sang a total of 8 songs - You Were Beautiful, I Like You, I Wait, Shoot Me, days gone by, Wish, Sing Me, and Freely.

That 40-minute performance really became a DAY6 concert! People were screaming and singing with them. Sungjin mentioned how happy he is that people are actually singing with them. If you have watched my fancam of I Wait you can clearly hear people are singing with them. One of the funniest thing that has happened here was a fanboy beside me has a very loud voice and literally screamed the whole fanchant. I'm very proud!

Although a lot of people came to watch, not all of them knows DAY6. In fact, one person behind me asked me who they are. I told them DAY6 from JYP Entertainment. They said that they will look into them. That is why after their performance, DAY6 was on the top search on Naver.

I am very happy that Studio J is letting DAY6 perform on these festivals. A lot of people will know them and appreciate their music.


After DAY6's performance, I immediately transferred to the Mint Breeze Stage to check on Eric Nam. Luckily, after going inside, Eric Nam was just starting his performance. Definitely, one of the best singers I know!

I was not able to finish his whole performance because it was already getting late. I still need to go to Ewha University to meet my friends. Oh yes, it's already 7pm there and yet it looks like it is 5pm in the Philippines.

With my fellow International fans

This is Emy and Nina. I met them on Twitter. I hope this won't be the last time I'll get to see them. It's fun to attend a concert or any event with your fellow fans. It's lonely to be alone.

I was not really prepared for this event. And seeing DAY6 the very last minute makes it all worth it. 85,000KRW, I can still save it. But the feeling and experience of watching DAY6 in Korea can never be replaced. Just like how Song Deokmi from Her Private Life says, "Why did I hesitate? There's no limit to spending money for love." I love DAY6 so I'm going to spend money to see them. HAHA^^

See you again, DAY6, this year?

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