MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016

June 25, 2016

MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 is a one-night live music event that enables us fans to hear and discover the evolution of pop music. To be very honest, I have no plans in attending the said event. But what made me go there?
In order for us to enter the event, we need to win some passes. You can view it at MTV's website. But there are also some organizers, and/or personalities who give away some tickets. This is a free pass. You don't need to buy it. My friends and I were already talking about it because APink, a kpop girl group, is part of this year's line-up. They were trying their best to win some passes, unfortunately, they weren't able to win.
Like what I said, I have no plans on attending. First, because I have no tickets. Second, it's a Friday night and I still have Saturday morning classes. And third, I have no friends to be with. But days before the said event, a friend of mine (I won't mention the name since she asked me not to), messaged me thru FB and told me that she'll be giving me passes. And not just only normal passes. It is a Mosh Pit Pass. Since it is free, I grabbed this chance.
I thought she will only be giving me one Mosh Pit pass, but she gave me two! Yay! So I asked my friend, Ate Jovs, to come with me. Unfortunately, she was a bit late and wasn't able to get the passes from me.
So okay, on the event itself, I lined up as soon as I get to MOA. This is where the event was held. And there were already a lot of people, mostly Pink Pandas (APink fans). How did I know? Because they were wearing pink shirts. We were asked to wear pink to support APink.
When I was in line, I saw my friend, Thea (the one doing the peace sign). She was with her friends and at the same time her co-members, since she is a part of a cover group of A Pink named Pixies. I wasn't able to remember their names because I suck at it. But I am happy I had the chance to meet them.
So who were the artists performing at MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016? They were Gary V and Gab, JaDine, Bebe Rexha, A Pink, Far East Movement, and One Republic. I was amazed when I entered the place since I am really close to the stage. I remember my time during GOT7 1st Fanmeeting in PH. But I think, I'm quite closer.
The event started past 7pm with Gary V as the first act. I was really amazed when I saw him since he really doesn't look old. His performance was actually great! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take great photos of him since it's raining hard. Like really hard. We weren't allowed to open our umbrellas but they gave us some raincoats. But still, we were wet.
Oh and yes, I risked my phone just to capture a moment of him performing.
Before going to the next performer, the MCs of the night gave away some freebies and all I can say is Yassi is super duper mega ultra beautiful. I admire her so much!
Since it's getting late... I wanted A Pink to be the next performer so that I can go home already. Unfortunately, they weren't. But the next performers were the hottest love team now in the Philippines, JaDine. I am not a fan of JaDine. Well, it's not that I do not like them. I just don't stan them like normal fans do. But all I can say is Nadine is so pretty and James...ughhh. I now understand James' fans. He is definitely handsome.
When I looked at my clock, it's almost 9pm and I have my curfew. I am already old and I still have curfews. *sigh* So there's nothing I can do. I waited for A Pink unfortunately they weren't the next performer so I ended up not watching them because of my curfew. I feel so broken-hearted leaving the concert grounds, but I have to follow my parents.
And the pictures I'll show you are pictures taken by fans and PKCI during A Pink's performance.

Although I wasn't able to finish the whole concert, I'm still happy that somehow I became a part of this crowd. This is my first time attending such event and I hope this wouldn't be the last time. I just wish that the next time I attend a concert, I'll be able to finish it til the very end.
If you want to see more photos of the events, you can check out at MTV's website.
A Pink and I are not yet meant to be to see each other. But I know God has a better plan.
Thank you MTV and other people behind this event for making us fans happy and letting us see our idols for free. Thank you so much to all my friends and the new friends I met during the concert. And of course, I thank my parents for allowing me. Thank You Lord for guiding me too.
Too much thanks for everyone! Till the next MTV Music Evolution!

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