Pinto Art Museum

June 01, 2016

Ever since I saw the pictures of Pinto Art Museum from my cousin's phone, I badly fell in love with the place even if I haven't seen it personally. As a person who graduated from an art school during my high school days (I guess I have told you that before in some of my blog posts), I really love to go to such museums and appreciate every strokes and colors of the paintings and/or artworks.
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I badly want to go to Pinto Art Museum but I have this one tiny problem, I have no companion. Well, my parents won't allow me to go there alone. After a few months of waiting, I met someone from my school who also wants to go to Pinto Art Museum.

How to go there?

1) Ride the MRT 1 and go down to Shaw Boulevard or Ortigas Station, and walk to SM Megamall. (If you're not used to with MRTs, you can ride a taxi or uber going to SM Megamall)
2) Ride an FX going to Antipolo (the FX terminal is located in front of Mang Inasal). It will cost you Php 50.00
3) When you arrive at their terminal in Antipolo, there are tricycles available there. Just tell the driver that you'll be going to Pinto Art Museum and they already know it. (Fare: Php 20.00 each)

Okay, so the picture above is the first thing you'll see there. Oh by the way, the entrance fee (normal rate) is Php 200.00, but if you're a student (just bring your student ID), it will only cost you Php 100.00.
When we enter there, they gave us a map so we will know the different locations inside the museum. But before starting our tour, we decided to eat or have some refreshments first since it is really hot when we arrived. The foods there were a bit pricey so if you're saving money, make sure to eat first before going to the museum.
There were six galleries (if I am not mistaken) in the museum which contains different kinds and/or styles of artworks.
"We are the kids your parents warned you about". I have seen this a lot of time in my newsfeed and now I have finally seen it right in front of my eyes. I wanted to take a picture there but I became lazy doing so. So yeah, I'm just showing you this picture.
The paintings in Pinto Art Museum aren't the only great things there, but also the structure of the whole place.
 I think I know why this museum is called Pinto Art Museum. It has a lot of pinto (doors in english haha).
Since it is really a big place (and a very hot weather), we need to rest from time to time and wipe our sweats. But of course, we can't leave without taking selcas.
The three of us had a very tiring day but it was fun walking around, looking at the paintings/artworks, taking pictures, eating, and everything.
For those who haven't gone to Pinto Art Museum, I am telling you to go there since it is really beautiful and worth the money. Make sure to bring your friends too so you can ask someone to take pictures of you.

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