I attended Bloggers United 11

June 02, 2016

Even though I post a lot on my Tumblr account before, I admit that I am still new in the blogging industry. I wasn't taking things seriously back then or even if I do I still lack knowledge about it. One day, I dropped by at a blog of my favorite blogger now, Tricia Gosingtian and was inspired to finally make this blogging thingy a part of my life. Since then, I started to blog about events and at the same time wanting to see my favorite bloggers. Through the help of Bloggers United Philippines, I was able to see my favorite bloggers.
Bloggers United Philippines is a team or a group of people who creates events featuring the country's top fashion and beauty bloggers. This year, it is already their 11th Bloggers United event.
BU11 x Passionfly is actually a one day bazaar event wherein your favorite fashion bloggers, online influencers or even local celebrities will sell their pre-loved items for very low prices. This event happened last May 28, 2016, 10am-7pm, at Green Sun Makati.
Since I am new in this blogging industry, this will be my first time to attend the Bloggers United event. I was supposed to be with a blogger friend but unfortunately she has an exam so she needs to study first (acads first!). So I went on this event on my own. I was quite afraid at first but when I rode the jeepney and saw some other younger aspiring bloggers like me all my fears were removed (though I didn't talk to them haha).
I arrived at almost 10am at Green Sun, Makati and look at this line. It's still early and yet a lot of people are already in here. Good thing, I was able to line up. Since I wasn't able to win any passes, I bought passes at the registration booth which costs Php 100.00 only and the good thing here is that, this is for a cause.
I started to roam around the place, not to look for clothes, but to look for my favorite bloggers. And I saw them.
This is Tricia Gosingtian, the first-ever-blogger I know and also one of my favorites. I badly want to have a picture with her but there are a lot of people in her booth so I wasn't able to take a picture with her. Starstruck may be the right term the moment I saw her. She's way too beautiful in person.
Beside her booth are Farrah Espina's and Crissey Si's booths. Since Crissey was at the other side I wasn't able to take a picture with her too. But I bought one cute skirt from her! Yay!

But...but... I was able to have a picture with FARRAH! Yeseuuu! She is actually one of my favorites too. She inspired me in a lot of ways and I am very happy to have a picture with her. I was also able to buy one of her jumper dress which I really want ever since I saw her wearing it. Thank you so much Farrah for this picture. It feels like I had a selca  with my favorite KPOP star. She's too cute and she's too pretty.
I roam around the place even more and saw other bloggers. Since this event happened the day after I went to Pinto Art Museum, I am still so tired and let's add the number of people in this event. For almost staying at the place for almost 2 hours, I decided to go home and take some rest.
Too bad most of the events (games, raffles, etc.) happened in the afternoon. I wasn't able to attend it. But surely, next bloggers united event, I will prepare my body and my wallet. Thank you Bloggers United for this wonderful event!

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