UNBOXING: The Boyz 4th Generation Membership Kit

May 03, 2022

After waiting for a couple of months, my The Boyz 4th Generation Membership Kit has arrived. The application for this membership started last December 2021 and shipping of the membership kits started around April of 2022. It's my second time to apply for a membership. The first time was with X1 Membership.

What's the purpose of the membership?

Applying for a membership actually gives you extra perks as a fan of a certain group. You will have an access to "Fans Only" contents on their fancafes. These contents are not allowed to be shared outside the fancafe. Aside from that, during concerts or music shows those who are part of the official fanclub are given the chance to get tickets first than those who are not.

After applying for a membership, you'll also receive a membership kit wherein you'll get your personalized membership card and other inclusions. The membership kits differ yearly, and also it differs per member. For today's blog, I'll be sharing to you the inclusions of my The Boyz 4th Generation Membership Kit.

The Boyz 4th Generation Membership Kit Inclusion


For this generation's membership kit, their theme is a little bit of a cheering squad with green and yellow colors. The outerbox is thick but overall it's smaller than The Boyz Season's Greetings. What I like about this outbox is that it's magnetic on the side.

By the way, this is how the spine of the outbox looks like.

Membership Card

This is how the membership card looks like. I had to blur my details so that it won't be used to purchase anything. But usually, membership cards have your name, birthday, and also the member ID number. It's a normal size of an ATM card.


The membership kit consists of an L-Folder with collage photos of The Boyz. I actually don't use L-Folders much but I can say that this one is cute. It's just a bit small for my usual documents.


There's also a keyring included in the membership kit. Although it looks like a normal keychain, I love the fact that they placed a small "4th" design there. I think the photo ids from the season's greetings can fit this keyring.


Just like X1's membership kit, this also has two sets of photocards. The first one is the one you can see above. I actually like the design at the back because it looks good on my photocard binder.

So, this is the second set of photocards. The back design are their drawings of Tiger since this year is the Year of the Tiger. Their drawings are actually cute.

Seal Sticker

To be honest, I don't know what's the purpose of this one. But it's actually cute. I'm not so sure if this is the same as the sticker on my The Red Sleeve OST album.

Binder Index

I'm actually looking forward for the photocard binder since I love collecting photocards. The binder is actually thick and I love that they also have photos here. The only problem is the sleeves. Although the sleeves is back to back, I don't like how it's made. It gives me the photo album type of plastic which may stick on the photocard and ruin it. I don't think I'll use the sleeves. Good thing, it can be removed.

Mini Posters

I don't know if I should call these mini posters or postcards because it looks more like a postcard for me. It has 12 postcards - 1 per member and 1 group.

Film Book

The last inclusion for this membership kit is the film book. It's more of a normal photobook.


To see more of the photos in the film book, you can check out my unboxing video.

I will be creating a separate post on how to join the official fanclub so that you can also apply for yourself.

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