Reasons to watch SEVENTEEN In The Soop

May 19, 2022

Whether you're a fan of SEVENTEEN or not, In The Soop is still a good show to watch especially when you're looking for a refreshing and healing show. SEVENTEEN's In The Soop is a reality show that takes place in the forest ("soop" means forest in Korean). The theme of this show is to spend time doing activities that SEVENTEEN likes plus having a moment to relax.

The show consists of eight episodes that runs for about an hour plus some behind-the-scenes episodes that was released on Weverse's TVOD service.

Reasons To Watch SEVENTEEN In The Soop

You'll get to know SEVENTEEN more

What makes In The Soop different from Going Seventeen? Well, in this show, you will see the rawness of each member of SEVENTEEN. You can see how they spend their precious times for a week. Some prefer to just sleep, some prefer to go on an adventure, while others prefer to prepare food.

In The Soop shows us how badly they want to rest and do some other hobbies that they haven't done in a while. But not only that, this show will make you realize that SEVENTEEN is more than just a group. They are a family who takes care of each other.

You'll experience healing

The world around us is moving fast and sometimes we feel so overwhelmed with what is happening. That's why it makes us anxious. But In The Soop shows us that it's okay to slow down for a while. Take a break and heal to whatever part of our life needs healing.

How did it become a healing show? Maybe because the setup is in a forest with the nature surrounding you? As you all know, nature has its own way of healing people physically and emotionally.

You'll want to try doing different hobbies

Aside from sleeping, eating, and watching your favorite Korean dramas, In The Soop shows you a variety of hobbies that you can also try. The members made their SOOPList (more of their bucketlist) about the things they want to do. Some want to be artistic by doing pottery, or painting, or making calligraphy. While others will lead you to a sporty experience like paragliding, riding an ATV, or riding a race car.

(By the way, this show makes me want to learn how to cook and also to exercise.)

You'll appreciate a simple life more

We usually want our life to be as grand as possible. Although it's not a bad thing, but living a simple life isn't a bad one either. I can still remember that Vernon told on the last episode that he will always live in the city but after experiencing In The Soop, he realized how fun and refreshing his experience was.

Away from the noise of city, you'll deal with the breeze, the birds, the river, a simple yet a calming one. There are a lot of stress in life but sitting under a tent with a bonfire in front of you can make you appreciate the small things life can offer.

Have you watched SEVENTEEN In The Soop?

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