Activities you can do based on Seventeen's In The Soop

May 25, 2022

Like what I have mentioned in my "Reasons to Watch Seventeen's In The Soop" blog post, there are a lot of new hobbies and activities that SEVENTEEN did their stay in the soop. There are some group activities but there are also some individual activities that you can try. In this blog post, I'll be listing down some of the activities that you can try doing on your free time.

Arts and Crafts


A part of SEVENTEEN Joshua's sooplist (or bucketlist) is to try doing pottery. He wanted to create some accessory trays. It's a bit tedious but once you finished it, it will definitely be something worth being proud of.


Another way of showing your artistic style is through painting. It may be about nature, people, abstract, or just whatever comes into your mind. The8 painted his shadow in the nature. Although he has lost the sunlight that he is aiming for, it still ended better than he expected.

If you think you're not that artistic to paint, remember that art is more about feeling. As long as you felt good after doing it then you succeeded.


Of course, it wouldn't be complete without SEVENTEEN creating music. One night in the soop, they made the theme song of the show. It started with playing some random chords on the guitar, then creating a melody, and adding the lyrics.

In creating a song, the lyrics doesn't have to be that deep. It can just be something about how the day looks like. As long as you can relate with it then it'll be easier for you to create a song.


Jun's Shabu Shabu

As a Chinese drama enthusiast, shabu shabu is one of the food I wanted to taste. It actually looks easy to do as long as you have prepared everything needed. You just need to do a little bit of a research on how to make the sauce or how to make the soup tastier. If you are the type of person who don't really cook much, Shabu Shabu is a good meal to try doing.

Mingyu and DK cooking at the brick oven

During In The Soop, Mingyu and DK actually struggled a bit with making the brick oven and also putting fire in it. But after some hard work, it finally worked. They were able to cook pizza, tomahawk, and some other meat. It's really fun to use this especially when you're on camping. (as long as there are materials)

The8's Skewer

Again, for someone who is not that good when it comes with cooking, grilling meats is something I believe we can do. All you need is the meat on a stick and some fire. Seeing the members complimenting The8's skewer makes me want to taste it too.

Random Korean food

To be honest, Seventeen's In The Soop is really all about them cooking and eating. There was also a time that Seungkwan called a famous chef to help them with the recipe. For a person who doesn't cook (that's me!), this show made me want to try cooking. I really admire people who can cook delicious food. 

Sports or Game-related Activities


In the 4h episode of In The Soop, Jeonghan, Vernon, and The8 tried paragliding and their reactions were really good. Although I am afraid of heights, I wanted to try this badly. I think it's fun to see the whole city up there.


Circuit or more commonly known as car racing, DK and Mingyu tried it. At first, they had some theoretical lessons. Then, they had a practical test in order to have their circuit license. Only after doing those were they able to finally drive. It's actually a bit scary but it looks like they enjoyed so much.


Some of the members also biked going to the field and going back to the soop. It may either be their own choice or because they lost in a game. But still, biking is a good exercise. You can also appreciate the nature.


Futsal is a scaled down version of soccer. It's usually a 5 to 5 game. But since only 9 members decided to go and play futsal, the other team only had 4 members. What's funny in this game is that the team who were not that good in this game won over the team who are good. I guess we can really say this saying, "Bilog ang bola" (The ball is round) which means anything can happen.

Building Blocks

Jeonghan and Wonwoo are really the master of building blocks. Jeonghan event brought his big blocks to do it in the soop. Meanwhile, Wonwoo build the blocks that were present at their play rooms. This activity will make your mind think since you need to find the pieces while putting it all together.


Reading Book

Reading books especially about our well-being is definitely a good activity. Not only does it improves your vocabulary but also gives you a better outlook in life. The book that The8 is reading on the photo above is 当下的力量 by Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment)

Tea Ceremony

While the other members are busy playing Futsal, these 4 decided to appreciate the nature more and have their tea ceremony. Of course, led by The8. They tried different teas. And it is truly healing physically and mentally.


What makes a lot of people interested with fishing when they barely even catch fish? Well, while I was watching this episode I realize that the quietness of the surrounding, the breeze of the air, the waves, those were the reason why people are interested with fishing. It calms their mind. Catching a fish is just a bonus.

Car Camping

It's definitely one of my wishlist to experience car camping. I first liked it because of Nevertheless. And now, my interest in doing it rose up because Joshua and Hoshi did it too. Plus, they even made some smores during their car camping.

What activities do you want to try?

Out of all the activities listed above, what activities do you want to try? Or have you tried these activities? Share it to me!

Photos and screenshots are from Weverse and some Twitter users.

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