KDRAMA Review: Nevertheless (2021)

August 22, 2021

Nevertheless is definitely one of the most-talked about K-drama here in the Philippines during its broadcast. First reason, Song Kang and Han So Hee are the main leads. Let's admit it. Their visuals are no joke. Second reason, well, the 19+ scenes.

When it was announced that Song Kang and Han So Hee will be having a show together, I was really rooting for it even though I don't know the story yet. I just want to see their chemistry together. I didn't even read the synopsis of the drama. So, I literally have no idea what the story is all about, which makes the drama more interesting to me.

About Nevertheless

Title: Nevertheless (알고있지만)
Episodes: 10 episodes (around 1 hour each)

Han So Hee as Yu Nabi
Song Kang as Park Jae-Eon
Chae Jong Hyeop as Yang Do Hyuk
Yang Hye Ji as Oh Bit Na
Kim Min Gwi as Nam Gyu Hyun
Yoon Seo Ah as Seo Ji Wan
Lee Ho Jung as Yoon Sol

Review about Nevertheless

NOTE: This review may contain spoilers so read at your own risk.

Slow-paced series

A lot of my friends know that I am not really into slow-paced dramas. Because I easily get bored with those kind of dramas. But let this be an exception. The slow-paced storytelling made me connected with the characters more. I was able to feel the heaviness they felt.

I really love it when there is an ample time for this kind of stare. Those voice-overs during these scenes makes me more immersed with the situation. And this one of the reasons why Nevertheless is a realistic one for me.

A realistic story

Although I really wanted to slap Nabi for her poor decisions in life, I can't totally blame her. She came from an abusive relationship. She was healing. She was lost. It's really easy for us to say who to choose and who will be better because we're not in her situation. We don't know what's really happening on her mind. Or what her heart really wants.

Same goes with Jae Eon. I believe that he also don't know what he wants. He always say that he don't want to be in a relationship. But I think, deep inside him, he wanted to be loved. He's just afraid? I don't know. But that's what I feel for his character. It's just that, the way he reacts is on a toxic way.

Both characters are lost. And when we're looking for answer on another person, we'll end up hurting them or hurting ourselves. But that's the reality of life. We always get hurt with our decisions. Because even if we know it's going to affect us negatively, we'll still push through.

-- Spoiler Alert --

I remember the quote, "I'd rather have 'oh well's than 'what if's". This is a great example of that. Nabi knew that Park Jae Eon will eventually hurt her. But she decided to continue liking Jae Eon and be in a relationship with him. At least, they tried making it work.

Another second lead syndrome

The feelings I felt while watching Nevertheless was the same feeling I got when I watched "A Love So Beautiful". My heart goes for the second lead, the good guy that the main lead didn't choose. Aside from the fact that I liked Chae Jong Hyeop, (come on! Look at his pretty smiles) I really liked his character here in Nevertheless.

Yang Do Hyuk knows what he really wants in the first place. He likes Nabi. He wants Nabi to be happy. He is honest with what he feels. And because he loves Nabi more, he decided to let her go at the end. I really feel bad for him for choosing someone who doesn't love him.

During the first few episodes, I really wanted to ship him with Nabi. But while the story progresses, I stopped shipping him because I believed he deserves someone better. Although his love life wasn't a success, his career is. We don't know what happened next to him but I just hope that he will also find his happiness.

The scene stealers

Aside from the main leads' story, we are also rooting for these characters. They have their own story to tell. They also have their own struggles. Nevertheless showed us that there are different kind of love stories, different kind of struggles. These pairs made Nevertheless more interesting.

Final Thoughts

For me, Nevertheless is actually a good drama. But it may not be everyone's cup of tea. It really depends on you if you would love the flow of the story. For me, the drama has ended well and I don't see the need for another season.

To be honest, I wanted Nabi to not end with anyone. But the ending somehow was justified because at least she was able to voice out what she really wants. And that is to be with Jae Eon even if Jae Eon might hurt her in the future. She took the risk.

With this drama, I learned to understand people more, especially with their life choices. We're all lost and we're still figuring things out. But I hope we can all be strong to face those struggles may it be in love or in life, generally.

This series is available on Netflix.

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