Fangirling in 2021: Hyun Bin Philippine Fan Club Announces Activities for the Actor's 39th Birthday

August 26, 2021

Fans nowadays really show support to their favorites not only by watching their dramas but also through their fan-initiated projects. Different fan supports from different fan clubs were featured on all social media platforms.

Binnians of Hyun Bin Philippine Fan Club are taking their fangirling support in a whole new level. Since their 2020 birthday project for Hyun Bin was a success, they wanted to continue it this year for the actor's 39th birthday. They have been busy preparing to make this project exciting.

“I am more challenged this year, since the fan club have grown almost 200% from the time we held 2020 Hyun Bin’s Virtual Party celebration for the fans.” – Ms. Cherry Saculo, President of the Hyun Bin Philippine Fan Club (HBPFC) and CEO of Manila Preneur Corp (MPC).

Despite their busy schedules, HBPFC continues to be active virtually and engages more with the community. This is one of their difference from other fan pages who seemed to have been inactive.

“I am very thankful that the Binnians of the HBPFC remained strong. I made sure that MPC continues to create exciting content for the HBPFC. Like monthly virtual streams, fan engagements thru our fanzine and even charity initiatives.  It is important that every fan feels their sense of belongingness to the group”, added by the Fan club President. 

Hyun Bin's 39th Birthday Project

Through the solid support of Manila Preneur Corp., an Integrated marketing Agency, Hyun Bin's upcoming 39th birthday is having this "Ninang (godmother)" pre-concept. In the fandom life, fans usually contribute individual efforts to create activities for their comminuty.

“Ever since I was chosen to lead this group, I wanted to change the usual ways of a fanclub, like admins are in lead and fans are just audience, surely that set up is something I want to get rid of.  I like every fan to be proud of herself, I think is the reason why we are growing.” Cherry said.

In a few weeks, the Binnians will be busy executing their Birthday Charity Event, the come-back of the Hyun Bin Beer, the actual gift sending of the Gift they prepared for Hyun Bin and their most awaited Virtual Birthday Party celebration where fans gather online to play games, give a toast, blow the cake and Sing Happy Birthday for their Oppa Hyun Bin. 

The fan club's 2020 gifts to Hyun Bin (Shoe art & Exclusive Craft Beer brew) were hit since the gifts proudly symbolized Captain Ri's character with a clear Filipino branding.

Ms. Cherry Saculo of HBPFC and MPC also shared the things to expect for their 2021 fan project. 
“Suspense is important, as a fan club we share teasers from time to time, but everyone needs to wait for THE-DAY. Some fans are even more excited to celebrate their Idol’s Birthday versus their own birthdays, that's why it's a Fan Community Celebration, we are inviting every single fan to join us, there is no requirement as long as you’re looking for FUN. Then we are the here to fulfill that Fun-gilring to Hyun Bin. “, – Ms. Cherry Saculo of HBPFC and MPC.

To know more about the fan projects, you may visit Hyun Bin Philippine Fan Club and Manila Preneur Corporation Facebook pages.

PR Source: Manila Preneur Corp

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