Get to know Youn Dong Yeon, JYPE's Filipino-Korean Trainee

August 19, 2021

Idol survival shows are definitely one of my favorite Korean shows to watch. The reason? Because I get to know more about the trainees and how they really work hard to reach for their dreams. This kind of show really excites me. That's why "Loud", P Nation's and JYP's survival show is one of the shows I am supporting.

But what makes this show interesting to me is one of the contestants is a half-Filipino and half-Korean. His name is Youn Dong Yeon. Because of his talent and hard work, he was casted into JYP Entertainment.

Here are some facts about him:

He is a '03-liner

Youn Dong Yeon was born on September 26, 2003. He has an English name of Justin Youn. His international age is 17 years old but he is considered 19 years old in South Korea because of their traditional way of counting.

He is Half-Korean and Half-Filipino

His father is a Korean and his mother is Filipino. What amazes me more is he is proud to have two-bloods flowing in him. During his audition, he mentioned that "Philippines" is the word that can describe him. He also shared that the Philippines is his second home.

"Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to dance or stand on this stage,” - Youn Dong Yeon

His mother supports him on his journey of becoming a K-Pop idol. And we know, she is very proud of her son for his achievements.

He is also artistic

Aside from being a talented singer, dancer, rapper (in short all-rounder), he is also very artistic. During an episode of LOUD, his drawing was shown. As you can see, he even drew the Philippine flag there.

He is now a JYPE Trainee

Youn successfully passed all 5 casting rounds of Loud and has now moved on to the next level. In order to debut under a boy group, he needs to pass the next 4 rounds. He was chosen to be part of JYP's trainee group. JYP trainee group consists of 9 participants, while P Nation group consists of 10 participants.

If he succeeds to pass all the 4 rounds, he will be debuting in a K-Pop boy group.

How to vote for Youn Dong Yeon

Let's help Youn Dong Yeon achieve his dream of becoming a K-Pop idol by voting.

Voting mechanics:
1. You can vote for Youn Dongyeon plus two others EVERYDAY.
2. You can use multiple accounts to maximize your votes. (Using different gadgets and phone numbers are also advised.)
3. You can vote through this link (Naver), or by installing these apps Superstar JYPNATION AppSuperstar PNATION AppThe Superstar App.
Note: You should have Dalcom ID before you can vote in the apps.

For more Youn Dong Yeon updates, you can follow his local fanbase

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