You Are My Glory: A Healing Romantic Drama

August 30, 2021

One of my favorite Chinese actors, Yang Yang, is finally back with another romantic series. The funny part here is that he still plays games. The last Yang Yang drama that I watched was The King’s Avatar. Although that drama wasn’t a romance one, I still loved it. I'm still waiting for another season though.

In this series, he is paired with Dilraba Dilmurat. It’s actually my first time watching a Dilraba series, although I know her already.

You Are My Glory is probably one of the fastest drama that I finished watching. It took me 4 days to finish it. Yes, I didn’t watch it while it was ongoing because I am a bit busy with work.

About You Are My Glory

Title: You Are My Glory (你是我的荣耀)
Episodes: 32 episodes (around 30-40 minutes)

Yang Yang as Yu Tu
Dilraba Dilmurat as Qiao Jingjing

Plot: It's a love story of an aerospace engineer, Yu Tu, and a famous celebrity, Jingjing. They were high school classmates who again met each other 10 years later because of a game.

My Thoughts on You Are My Glory

A typical romance drama - but healing in a way

A love story between a celebrity and a non-celebrity is already common. But what makes You Are My Glory different from those dramas is it's a very healing drama. Why did I say it’s a healing drama? It’s because it’s just a fun and lovely drama to watch. It doesn’t have intense plot twists or character dramas. It’s a feel-good one. The last time I felt something like this was in So I Married the Anti-fan.

Although there were also struggles, like Yu Tu choosing between his dream or a job that can give him more money. Jingjing confessing to Yu Tu and getting rejected. Both of them are very busy with their works that they barely see each other for months. But everything ends perfectly.

The main leads are both matured in terms of their relationship

After successfully overcoming their own struggles, they showed a mature type of relationship. And I love it. Although they feel sad about not being with each other for a long time, they understand that they also have their careers to take care of. As their relationship grows, their career also grows. But not only that, they decided to stay lowkey despite Jingjing being a famous actress.

I also love how kind and down-earth person Jingjing is. I am not a huge fan of Dilraba but because of what she showed me here in this drama, I'm starting to like her.

I was just a bit shocked with Yu Tu here. He seems so quiet an reserved at first but ended up being wild when he is with Jingjing. The last few episodes were a bit wild in their relationship. So be prepared, lol.

Cute scenes

One of the scenes that I loved was when Yu Tu wrote a lot of letters for Jingjing to answer her old questions. I just find it so sweet and romantic. It may be late, but at least he still did it.

Another one is when they admitted to their parents their relationship in a very funny way. I really love how they teased each other. I can't stop smiling while watching that part.

Another one was during their group wedding. The setting was just so pretty and now I want to have that kind of marriage (if I'm going to get married).

The chemistry of the main leads is the best!

Like what I have mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of Dilraba. But because they really have this great chemistry, I am starting to like her and to follow her as well. They both have powerful visuals and this made them more compatible with each other.


Even if it only took me 4 days to finish the series, I still felt attached with the characters. And honestly, now, I'm having a separation anxiety. The series is honestly too good to be true. But that's why I love it even more. I can't experience it in real life so at least I can feel their emotions through this drama.

If you simply want to watch a feel-good romantic drama, I highly recommend You Are My Glory. You will love it. You Are My Glory is available on WeTV.

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