CDRAMA REVIEW: Hidden Love (2023)

July 26, 2023

The CDrama I never thought I needed

With all the stress in the world, Hidden Love is indeed a drama that I never thought I needed this time. I have been in a drama slump for a long time. Although I have watched different dramas (like Dr. Cha, Good Bad Mother, etc.), I wasn't able to finish watching those dramas. It's not that it's not good, but it's just not what I want to watch as of the moment.

I have been seeing Hidden Love in my Tiktok fyp and also on my Twitter and I wanted to watch it. Fortunately, it was released in Netflix so I don't have to pay for another subscription.

About Hidden Love

Title: Hidden Love (偷偷藏不住)
Episodes: 25 episodes (around 45 minutes each)
Main Casts:

Zhao Lusi as Sang Zhi
Chen Zhe Yuan as Duan Jia Xu
Victor Ma as Sang Yan

Plot: It is a story about Sang Zhi who fell in love with Jia Xu, her older brother's friend. Sang Zhi was still young at that time. After years, she crossed path with Jia Xu again and the two slowly fell in love with each other.

Reasons why I love Hidden Love

The main leads' visuals

I knew Zhao Lusi because most of my CDrama moots on twitter are fans of Lusi. While Zhe Yuan, I just recently knew about him in the variety show with SEVENTEEN's The8. But this is the first drama that I watched wherein they are the main leads. The chemistry is just too real.

Both of them are very good-looking to the point that I even tweeted something that I have a crush on both of the leads.

I love whenever Lusi smiles while crunching her nose. I also love Zhe Yuan whenever he stares at Lusi. You can feel the emotion on their simple gestures.

The story builds up just right

It wasn't fast. It wasn't slow. The pacing was just right.

Aside from other Chinese dramas that I have watched, I didn't get bored with Hidden Love. It all started when Sang Zhi was in Grade 8, then went to Grade 11, and then college years. Their love story was built slowly making us viewers feel that their love did not happen instantly. We can also conclude that Jia Xu waited for the right time to pursue Sang Zhi.

Jia Xu is the greenest of all the green flags

Of all the dramas I have watched, the character Jia Xu is the greenest flag. From waiting for Sang Zhi to be on the right age, to pursuing her even if he knows that Sang Zhi likes her, to pursuing Sang Zhi's family. He made sure he paid all his debts first before purchasing other things. He even had his own company to prove that he can financially support Sang Zhi. He's just the best.

Best brother

Victor Ma, who plays the role of Sang Yan (Sang Zhi's older brother and Jia Xu's friend), really did well on this drama. You can really appreciate his love for his younger sister. Although they fight like cats and dogs, you know that it's really common between siblings.

Final Thoughts

Although the drama is a little too good to be true, I really enjoyed it. It made me wish for someone like Jia Xu to appear in my life (even if I am not interested on entering into a relationship yet). Overall, I enjoyed the drama and hoping to watch another drama like this in the future.

If you're into chill dramas that are just full of heart-fluttering moments, I recommend this drama to you.

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