CDRAMA REVIEW: Exclusive Fairytale (2023)

July 29, 2023

A fairytale indeed!

It hasn't been a long time since I watched a C-Drama, which is Hidden Love. Like what I said there, I wanted to watch another heart-fluttering and chill drama. Good thing, iQIYI announced that Exclusive Fairytale would be released last July 27, 2023. For VIP users, all episodes will be released on the first day.

As a Carat (SEVENTEEN fan) and a C-drama enthusiast, this is a win-win situation for me. I get to support Jun in his drama and also watch another C-drama.

About Exclusive Fairytale

Title: Exclusive Fairytale (独家童话)
Episodes: 24 episodes (around 30-40 minutes each)
Main Casts:

Zhang Miao Yi as Xiao Tu
Jun as Ling Chao
Xiong Ao Bo as Yin Zi Han
Cheryn Lin as Xu Ling Long
Hao Zhu Yu as Jia Si Wen
Wu Luo Han as Yin Xin Lan
Zhao Lu as Jiang Juan Juan
Tan Jia Tai as Zhu Wen Yu

Plot: It's about a story of Xiao Tu and Ling Chao who consider their relationship as a brother-sister relationship since they were born few days apart and grew up together. Both their families are good friends. When they entered college, they finally realized their true feelings for each other.

Reasons why I love Exclusive Fairytale

Adorable leads

I'll be honest. The reason why I watched this is mainly because of Jun. As a Carat, I wanted to support Jun with his drama. But little did I know that I'll also get attached with the female lead, Zhang Miao Yi. She is so adorable all throughout the drama. In fact, there's also another drama that she is the main lead which is my next goal to watch.

For Jun, I believe he had a little bit of a hard time playing his role as Ling Chao because it's definitely the opposite of his real character. Although I appreciate him in this drama, especially because he is indeed a good kisser, I feel like I needed more eye-acting with his character here.

I love the second couple

I barely watch the second couple's story. Whenever I watch C-dramas, I usually skip the second couple. But for this drama, I don't know but I got hooked with their story as well. I find the two of them adorable and cute. I really can't explain but maybe because Jiang Juan Juan is a fangirl in this story that made me appreciate this couple more.

Second lead syndrome hits

Although Yin Zi Han's character at the first part is an obsessed competitor of Ling Chao, his character grew into me when he started to fall for Xiao Tu. But even if he liked Xiao Tu, he has never became a hindrance with Ling Chao's and Xiao Tu's love story. In fact, he even give way but still managed to stay in touch with them.

Main shipper = parents

I really find it funny when both of their moms are pushing their children to be together. It was a success though. Xiao Tu's father was a bit hesitant at first since he doesn't want his daughter to be in a relationship but eventually through the help of Ling Chao's parents he accepted their relationship.

Their family is just so supportive with each other. It's not hard to ask for permission and blessing for their relationship.

Full of love and friendship

The casts' friendship lasted until they are working individuals already. It warms my heart to see that all of them grew up together. They shared both the happiness and sadness of each other. Even if they are far from each other, they continue to communicate and keep the friendship.

Final Thoughts

Exclusive Fairytale is just a chill youth drama to watch. No intense dramas at all which is what I needed right now. I'm not in the mood to watch heavy dramas since it's somehow affecting my mood. So, watching this drama made me chill. It also made me feel that I grew up with them.

It's still not a perfect drama since there are some things I still noticed like the pacing towards the end suddenly became a little fast. But I still appreciate the improvement.

C-dramas are indeed improving from their scripts, to their camera shots, to everything. I'm happy too that C-dramas are now being appreciated. Hoping to watch more C-dramas in the future!

Have you watched this drama? What are your thoughts?

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