KDRAMA REVIEW: So I Married the Anti-Fan (2021)

July 03, 2021

After watching such heavy dramas like Mouse and Penthouse, I craved for something light. Something that won’t make me think a lot and will just let me enjoy watching. Good thing, they finally released “So I Married the Anti-fan.” I have been waiting for this drama for so long.

This drama was filmed around 2018 or 2019? But the airing was pushed back because no companies would like to air it. There were even rumors that this drama won’t be airing at all. But, I’m so thankful that it got released even after a very long time of waiting.

About So I Married the Anti-Fan

Title: So I Married the Anti-Fan (그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다)
Episodes: 16 Episodes (around 1 hour each)

Choi Soo Young as Lee Geun Young
Choi Tae Joon as Who-Joon
Hwang Chansung as Choi Jae-Joon
Han Ji-An as Oh In Hyung

Plot: So I Married the Anti-Fan is a story of a top star, Who Joon, and a magazine reporter (who was also named as Who Joon's anti-fan), Geunyoung, got in a reality show together. This is where their story started.

Things I liked about the drama

Light story with full of heart-fluttering moments

With all these heavy dramas (not only in the K-Drama world but also in real life), we really need a breather, something that will just makes us "feel good". And this drama is one of the dramas I can recommend.

I was having a hard time with my job and all I needed is something to lighten up my mood. This drama is full of kilig moments. You will really wish to just be an anti-fan and experience everything Lee Geun Young is feeling. Compared to other dramas, you don't really need to think a lot with the plot. The storyline is very simple but that's what makes it special.

I'll be sharing to you one of my favorite scenes in this drama:

I call this, the pizza delivery in the hospital scene. The way Who Joon just casually say, "Did you order me?" made me pause the episode and just screamed on my pillow. It may be cringe-y but who cares? I loved this scene. It's really memorable for me. Oh and note, there are more cheesy lines in this drama.

The main leads have a great chemistry

It's been awhile since I last shipped a drama couple so hard. The last time I remember was the Chinese drama, Skate into Love. The feeling I had with this pairing was the feeling I felt when I watched W: Two Worlds, like, I wouldn't really mind if they ended up together in real life. In fact, I would love that to happen!

But the main reason why I am stopping myself from shipping them in real life is because both the leads are into a happy relationship. Sooyoung has been dating Jung Kyung Ho for a long time already and Tae Joon has been dating Park Shin Hye. I love all of them, therefore, I am happy for them.

The eye-pleasing kisses

Let's say that this drama has a lot of kissing scenes. I usually say galawang Who-Joon because he kisses Geun Young in a smooth way. For example, during the car scene. He was pretending to look for something in the car but mischievously kisses Geun Young. Their scenes will just make you roll out of your bed.

I really got addicted with this drama that I'm having a separation anxiety with the characters. In fact, I even made a fanart of this drama (which I eventually made it into an unofficial merchandise!).

I'll be opening my Shopee store soon and start my small business. But for the mean time, you can follow my art account: @haebit_art to see more of my works.

Anyway, this drama will always have a special place in my heart. If life is stressing me again, I will just re-watch this to feel better. How about you, have you watched this series? It's available on the iQIYI app. So, download it now!

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