Chinese Drama 'Go Ahead' is Not Your Typical Family Story

December 26, 2020

The Chinese drama, "Go Ahead", is probably one of the most talked about drama in social media, well at least in my circle of friends. Aside from the fact that Tan Songyun, Song Weilong, and Zhang Xincheng are the main leads here, it has been the talk of the town because of the emotional story about family it has shared to us. Like what I mentioned in the title, it is not your typical family story.

About Go Ahead

Title: Go Ahead (以家人之名)
Episodes: 40 episodes (but 46 in TV)
Main Characters:

Tan Songyun as Li Jian Jian
Song Weilong as Ling Xiao
Zhang Xincheng as He Ziqiu
Tu Song Yan as Li Hai Chao
Zhang Xi Lin as Ling He Ping

Plot: Go Ahead is a story about three siblings, who are not blood-related nor by paper, yet found comfort in each other while growing up. As each of them have their own struggles to face, their relationship with each other was tested.

Things I liked about Go Ahead

Different style of a family-themed drama

I actually thought that this drama was more of a love story drama but I was wrong. It was a family-themed drama. I have watched a lot of family-themed dramas and this drama is just so new and fresh to me. Imagine being Li Jianjian having two older brothers but they are not really your brothers by blood or paper. They all grew up without their mothers and the two fathers became their parents. Note, the two fathers are neighbors-turned-into-friends.

I was really intrigued with the plot because I don't know how this story will progress since it's new to me. Will their mothers come back to them? What would they feel? How will things end up? There are a lot of questions in my mind that's why I really looked forward to every episode of this drama.

40 episodes did not feel long

Compared to other dramas I have watched, Go Ahead is full-packed. I did not even notice that it was already ending. I didn't notice that I have watched the 40 episodes. This is the first Chinese drama that I watched while it is still airing (or should I say it's still an ongoing drama). I can't consider Symphony's Romance as the first drama that I watched while it's still ongoing because I keep on stopping. It also took me a couple of weeks to watch the last episodes.

Because of Go Ahead, I had a decent schedule at night. I'll be waiting for the episode release and watch it immediately so that I can post my screenshots on my Twitter thread. I really didn't feel bored watching it. This drama is my cup of tea.

Solid line-up

Main reason why I watched this drama is because of Zhang Xincheng (Steven Zhang). I just discovered him through his drama, Skate into Love, and I'm really amazed with his acting skills. Aside from that, I knew that he will be acting along Song Weilong. Song Weilong is familiar to me because he was Victoria's partner in Find Yourself. Meanwhile, Tan Songyun, Tu Song Yan, and Zhang Xi Lin, were all new to me. But little did I know that they will really make a big difference in this drama.

There were only few characters here but they were able to make the story better. Each of them have their own struggles to face and it's so beautiful to see how their characters grew.

OSTs were so beautiful

I'm just thankful for the English Translations of the songs because I really can't understand Chinese language. I can only understand "If Rain" because it has an English version. But even though I can't understand it, I really like the melodies of these songs. These songs fit the mood of the drama. This OST is part of my playlist and I would really love to listen to it.

Relatable Quotes

And because I really love doing screenshots while watching a drama, I have created a very long thread on Twitter. But I'll just be sharing to you some of my favorite lines.

Li Jianjian: Life isn't something you can figure out. The more you try, the more bewildered you'll be.
Ling Xiao: Then what should we do if we don't think about our life?
Li Jianjian: Just live it. Day by day.

This part was when Li Jianjian, Ling Xiao, and He Ziqiu were sleeping together on one room. While the two brothers were busy thinking and stressing about life, Li Jianjian comforted them with these words. Although she is the youngest, it seems like she knows how to handle life already.

Li Hai Chao: Parents wish the best for their children. As long as their children are happy, it's not disappointing. Even if you are not very successful or don't acquire bunch of achievements, I would still be very glad as long as you guys are happy.

This was the time when Ziqiu went back to their house after studying abroad. Ziqiu and Dad Li were having a conversation. I really love it when these two have a one-on-one conversation. It's very heartwarming. Dad Li knows how to make us cry.

Thing that I somehow don't like

It's not only a love triangle, but more of a love hexagon

At the very start, I was lowkey hoping that there won't be a love triangle between the three leads even though it is inevitable. But I somehow liked how they really portrayed Ziqiu as someone who is too innocent when it comes to love. He didn't really like Li Jianjian as a girl, but as a sister. He was just confused because of his friend.

But then, there were more love lines. The love stories between the leads and their friends were a bit too much. Some of my friends also have the same sentiments as me. That part of the drama was the only thing we hated. The story can actually go on without that. Although it created a drama between friends, it will still be better without it.

Final Thoughts

Go Ahead is definitely a must-watch drama. It has everything you'll be needing. This drama can make you laugh, cry, mad, fall in love, etc. You will learn a lot about life, especially when you are very stressed with it. Aside from that, you will also learn to appreciate you family and friends even more.

I have always been saying that Go Ahead is one of the best dramas I have watched this 2020. I am very thankful for everyone who made this drama.

Go Ahead is available on iQIYI, WeTV, and also on Netflix. So make sure to check this drama! It's really worth the eyebags.

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  1. I really liked this drama as well. This is the first time I have encountered the 3 leads and I've become an instant fan. I'm currently watching Find Yourself and I'm really liking it so far. Thanks for this great review. More power!


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