Fangirl's Pick: My New Found Love this 2020

December 30, 2020

I have spent a lot of my time in the internet this 2020. I may be watching a drama, scrolling through my Twitter, watching vlogs, or just looking for something new. Since there are few events this year, I tried to distract myself with these things. Little did I know that I will find new artists that I will actually stan in the following years. (Oh, and they are not all Korean, some of them are Chinese and Filipino).

Kim Seon Ho

I knew Kim Seon Ho because of 2 Days 1 Night Season 4. He is the variety rookie of this season that's why I had my eyes on him. Then I saw that he'll be part of the drama Start-Up. That's when I fell for him even more. Aside from the fact that his dimples are too attractive, Kim Seon Ho is a very great actor. I plan to watch his other dramas soon.

And because I became interested with him, I did my research and noticed that he is 10 years older than me. I just added him to my oppas along with Donghae and Yoon Shi Yoon.

Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In Yeop caught my attention in the drama "18 Again". If you have read my review of that drama, he is the only actor that is new to me. Although this isn't his debut drama, he became more recognized here. And now, he is gaining more and more attention because of True Beauty.

Just like other people, I was also shocked to know that he is way older than me. I honestly thought he has the same age as Lee Do Hyun or Lee Jae Wook (around that range). But no. He is years older than me. He is such a cutie and I really wish well for his career.

Zhang Xincheng (Steven Zhang)

The main reason why I got into the Chinese entertainment world, Zhang Xincheng. At the start of the lockdown, I got to watch Skate into Love, which is still my favorite CDrama as of writing. I was attracted with his visuals to be honest, even if sometimes I find him not that attractive. He suddenly gave a new color to my fangirling life.

Zhang Xincheng is also the reason why I made a Weibo account and why I gained more friends on Twitter. The fun thing here is that, my circle of friends here are so approachable, kind, and I never felt out of place. That's why stanning Xincheng is more fun! We're still waiting for his upcoming dramas so that we will be noisier on Twitter.

Ding Yu Xi (Ryan Ding)

While I was browsing on Weibo, I saw a trailer of Ding Yu Xi's drama, Intense Love. I was a bit hesitant to watch it because I was still so addicted with Zhang Xincheng. But still, I ended up watching his drama. And gosh, I didn't know I will also like him so much.

The drama was just a chill cliche drama and all you'll feel here is the kilig. Because I was a bit stressed at that time, I really needed something to balance it. Ding Yu Xi is good and I hope he can get more dramas that can showcase his talent and visuals.

Wu Qian (Janice Wu)

Of course, the leading lady of Zhang Xincheng in Skate into Love, Janice Wu. Most of the time, when I stan an actor, I barely like the female lead because, of course, I feel a little jealous. But not with Janice's case. I love her so much. They had this connection that only I can understand lol. But aside from that, she is so pretty even though most of the time she acts a little boyish. I'm excited for her drama with Bai Jingting.


BINI is a PPOP girl group under ABS-CBN. They were formerly known as the Star Hunt Academy Girl Trainees (SHA Girl Trainees). I found out about them because of the Happy Hallyu Day 4 wherein they performed some covers. They recently released their pre-debut single, "Da Coconut Nut", which is really good. The song was so catchy and they performed it well.

The members are Colet, Gwen, Aiah, Mikha, Maloi, Sheena, Jhoanna, and Stacey. If you were to ask me who my bias here is, of course, it's Colet, the girl standing wearing blue. But I like all of them. I am not that vocal on my SNS regarding them but I am quietly supporting them. I am looking forward for their debut this coming February 2021.

Star Hunt Academy Boys

Of course, as a boy group enthusiast, I won't let go of the chance to stan this upcoming boy group. They still don't have their group's name, but they are known as the Star Hunt Academy Boys (or SHA Boys). I actually found potential in them that's why I decided to stan them. Plus, they are very kind. I just hope this won't change once they debuted.

The members are Gelo, Mikki, Nate, Akira, and JL. My bias? It's Mikki, the one wearing black and green. I can actually sense a little Mark Tuan vibes in him that's why he is my bias. Plus, I also found out that he has a Chinese blood. They will be debuting this January 2021. I really hope their song is good.

So here are the artists that I have been talking about my whole 2020. And I am very thankful for them for making my 2020 a little bit better. Hoping that I'll get to meet them soon once this pandemic is over. Also, I am hoping for their success in their chosen field.

How about you guys? Who are your new found love this 2020?

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