KDRAMA Review: 18 Again

December 22, 2020

[This review has been on my drafts since the drama ended and I only published it this December 2020.]

After watching the Chinese drama "Go Ahead" (and I haven't finished writing my review about it), I had a hard time to get myself to watch another drama. I guess I was in a drama slump. I wasn't really emotionally feeling well that's why I forced myself to watch ongoing dramas. And I didn't know that "18 Again" will somehow make me feel okay.

I have been waiting for 18 Again ever since the news came out. First reason, Lee Do Hyun will be the main lead here. Second reason, this is a drama based on the American film "17 Again" starring Zac Efron. I am familiar with the story so I wonder how will they make this into a series.

About 18 Again

Title: 18 Again
Episodes: 16 episodes (around 1 hour each)

Kim Haneul as Jung Dajung
Yoon Sang Hyun as Hong Daeyoung (old)
Lee Do Hyun as Hong Daeyoung (teen) / Ko Wooyoung

Plot: 18 Again is a series based on the Western film, "17 Again". It is about a husband who went back to his youth right before his divorce.

Things I Liked about 18 Again

Lee Do Hyun's acting is so great

I can say that Lee Do Hyun is a promising actor. I really never thought that his acting will go to this extent. A young guy was able to portray a father's role very well. And yes, he isn't trying hard. You can really see in his facial expressions and movements that he can act as a father trapped in a young body. He made me laugh, cry, and fall in love with him in this series.

One of my favorites parts of his acting is whenever he cries so hard (when Dae Young's mother died and when Dae Young wanted to go back to his old life). You can really feel his desperate heart. He doesn't care if he'll look ugly in front of the camera. He only cares if his acting is convincing. I really can't wait to see more of Lee Do Hyun in the future. I know he will really do well!

A lot of eye candy

To be very honest, I wasn't updated that much with the other casts of 18 Again. That's why when I saw their script reading photos, I was shocked that Bomin and Ryeoun were part of the casts. I liked Bomin because of the webdrama A-Teen and Ryeoun in the webdrama In Seoul. I really love watching web dramas.

Anyway, I was really excited to see Lee Do Hyun, Bomin, and Ryeoun in one drama. But little did I know that I will also fall in love with Hwang In Yeop and Wi Ha Joon. I am somehow familiar with Wi Ha Joon because I have watched him in Romance is a Bonus Book. But for Hwang In Yeop, he is totally new to me.

Each of them have their own charms in this drama. It's normal if you start to like all of them.

You can get a lot of life lessons

Well, aside from the fact that this drama can make you laugh and cry, it will also allow you to realize a lot of things about life. That is one of the reasons why 18 Again will be one of my favorite dramas this 2020.

Here are some of the life lessons that I learned here:

Communication is really important in a relationship, whether it be a romantic one, or with your parents, or with your friends. The main reason why Daeyoung and Dajung divorced because they did not know each other's struggles. They didn't know that their partner is having a hard time too because they barely talk about it.

Also, when Daeyoung went back to his teenage self and became friends with his son, he noticed that there are a lot of things his children are not telling him. For example, the bullying issue and the part-time job. What he only knows is the children he sees at home.

Communication is important so that we can avoid misunderstandings. It may be hard to tell every single detail, but at least let them know what you're going through.

Believe. One of the memorable part is when Kiwoo (the basketball coach) was talking with his father when he was in jail. "Have you ever believed in me?" he asked his father. When he was on his teenage years, he was also part of the basketball team but unlike Daeyoung, his father keeps on giving money to their coach so that he'll be part of the line-up. It's so painful to the child to see that because it only proves that you don't believe in his capabilities.

Believing on other people's capabilities can help them boost their confidence. It's not hard to show your support to them.

Our parents will still love us no matter what happens. When Dajung was pregnant, of course her mom felt angry. But at the end, she still supported her daughter's decision. For Daeyoung's father, Daeyoung and him separated in bad terms but when Daeyoung went back to his teeange self, they reunited. He understood how hard it is to be a father.

We children usually get mad at our parents for not understanding us. But we should also understand them. At the end of the day, it's them who will be there for us when we needed someone.

Thoughts about the ending

[SPOILER ALERT] Of course, it's a happy ending. Everything went back to normal. But I was expecting a more dramatic return of the old Daeyoung. He just went back as if nothing happened. It would have been better if he was also playing basketball just like before, left the court, and run to Dajung. Well, that was my thought when I watched the ending.

But anyway, 18 Again is one of the best dramas this 2020. The actors and actresses were all good. It's a heartwarming drama. I just hoped a lot of people paid attention to this drama too when it was still airing.

You can watch 18 Again via iQIYI.

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  1. Hi. I watched the drama too. it's heartwarming. There were many family matters touched in the drama that could give insights and lessons.
    But...i'm just disappointed in the lack of depth on the phenomenon that Hong Daeyoung returned to becoming 18 years old. the reaction of the characters were shallow for such a phenomenon. Daeyoung didn't research what happened to him, or even researched how to undo it. his friends reaction was just... blah. as if it's not really surprising.

    and yes i agree with your idea. that maybe, AT LEAST, there was another phenomenon that made Hong Daeyoung got back to his old self.

    too bad. their acting was really good...but this major blackhole in the story and script was just ruined it. hehe. but i finished the series anyway.

    and yes! Lee Do Hyun was excellent in his role. amazing! he was believable. even in his kissing scenes with Ha neul. Amazing actor.

    1. Same! I'm also disappointed with the lack of depth. I was actually expecting for more since this is a series and they could have played more with the flow of the story. But yeah, at least the actors did well with their characters. :D


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