Things to do in Jeju Island based from EXO's D.O and Sehun

October 24, 2020

I have never been to Jeju Island. I wanted to go there but I had no time and money to visit it yet. But yes, I plan to go there soon! In fact, I also included Jeju in my Itaewon Class itinerary. Since we're still having pandemic, I just decided to search for the fun things I can do in Jeju Island.

I happened to drop by an article saying EXO's D.O and Sehun visited Jeju Island for a short vacation last 2016. And I became interested with the activities and places they visited. If you also want to visit Jeju Island, you might want to add these activities!

Riding ATVs

I am not a person who is fond of doing extreme activities, especially when I'm alone. But if I am with my friends, for sure I would also love to try these things. Besides, we only live once. So where can we experience riding ATVs in Jeju? Based from my research, you can experience this at the Jeju Meong-e ATV. It costs around Php 900+ per person for 15 minutes.

Address: 2815 Nansan-ri, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Seogwipo Submarine Adventure

As much as I really want to try diving and being near the sharks, my fear of them surpasses everything. I am not as adventurous as Sehun. But I still want to see the sharks or fishes. So instead of diving, going underwater through a submarine will be the safer option.

In Jeju, they have the Seogwipo Submarine Adventure where in you'll go 40 meters deep and see the sea life in 40 minutes. It's around Php 1500 per head.

Address: 707-5, Seohong-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do

Tandem Paragliding

Although I can't see any photos of Sehun and D.O during their paragliding session, some fans were able to spot them and someone even asked them for a signature. I am afraid of heights, but I would really love to try this because it feels so refreshing. This activity is kinda pricey though, but still, I believe it's worth it!

Location: Near Geum Oreum

Sushi Hoshikai

I love sushi! Whenever I see sushi, I would really love to eat it. Maybe because I always see sushi whenever I watch anime. So this restaurant, Sushi Hoshikai, is a place I want to visit in Jeju Island. You can visit their website to see more details. Prices start at 38,000 KRW.

Address: Ohnamro 90, Jeju, Jeju Island, South Korea

If given the chance to visit Jeju Island soon, I would really love to try these things. Aside from the fact that Sehun and D.O visited these places, trying new adventures is a great thing too. How about you? Do you also want to try it?

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