Fangirl's Pick: My Top 5 Dramas of 2020

December 29, 2020

Since it's already a few days before 2020 ends, I'm finally writing my Fangirl's Pick. Just in case you don't know about it, it's a series of blog wherein I'll be sharing my favorite dramas, events, or songs, that I got to discover in the said year. I started this Fangirl's Pick just last year.

We all know 2020 is not really a good year for events and concerts, but it is a good year for KDrama enthusiasts because we were able to watch out pending dramas and also got to watch ongoing dramas. For this blog, I'll be sharing to you my top 5 dramas (Korean and Chinese dramas) of 2020. This list is not in order because I really had a hard time choosing.

Skate into Love

"The dreams never shine, it's you that shine while chasing your dream"

Skate into Love is a Chinese sports romcom drama starring Zhang Xincheng and Wu Qian. It's the first Chinese drama that I watched this year. I have been seeing a lot of teasers of this drama while I was browsing in Youtube that's why I decided to watch it. And I never thought this drama will really change my life.

Main reason why Skate into Love is part of this list is because everything I'm looking for a drama is here. They did not only tackle about love but also friendship, dreams, family, and of course, sports. I am not a sporty person but I love watching sports. Although this drama runs for about 40 episodes, I didn't mind it. You should check this drama!

Skate into Love isn't my first CDrama, but this is the drama that allowed me to enter to the Chinese entertainment. Now, I am familiar with a lot of Chinese actors and actresses. I really can't wait to see more Chinese dramas soon.

It's Okay to Not be Okay

"What the Shadow Witch has stolen from them was not their true faces but their courage to find happiness"

Definitely one of the most-talked about drama of 2020. It's Okay to Not be Okay is one of the dramas that I have been waiting because it is the drama comeback of Kim Soo Hyun after being discharged from the military. This drama is the drama that I needed because it keeps on reminding me that it is really okay to not be okay.

This is the first drama wherein I got an official merchandise: OST album. I thought I'm done collecting merchandises, but I didn't know that I will also collect Kdrama merchandises. It only shows how much I love the OST of this drama and the drama itself.

Go Ahead

"I always wanted to grow up when I was little. But when I grow up, I start to think it's great when we were little"

A family-themed drama that really made me cry, laugh, and feel all kinds of emotions. Go Ahead is one of the dramas that I will really treasure forever. To be honest, I was shocked when they released this drama around August since it's just a few weeks after Symphony's Romance. I was somehow expecting it to be aired at the last quarter of the year.

It's actually my first time subscribing to WeTV so that I can watch it on time. After the release of each episode, I immediately watched it. That's how addicted I was to this drama.

18 Again

After Go Ahead, I felt lost and was in a drama slump for a few weeks. But thanks to 18 Again, I was able to gain back my love for watching dramas. I was really amazed how Lee Do Hyun acted in this drama. I only knew him last year because of Hotel del Luna.

I am very much familiar with the plot of this 18 Again. It's not really new to me. But what makes it fresh is that the artists were able to portray their characters very well. They really owned the drama. A lot of lessons can be learned in this drama.


"As long as they know why they do it, the rest will follow."

Main reason why I watched Start-Up? Kim Seon Ho. I started liking Kim Seon Ho because of 2 Days 1 Night. He is part of the new season, Season 4. I didn't know that I will fall harder for him after watching Start-Up.

Start-Up is a story that will remind you about reality and dreams. You may not be the best, but as long as you keep moving forward, you'll eventually get there. Also, you should not always decide based on what you feel, but on what you think will be better.

I liked Start-Up more than Record of Youth. Although Start-Up was a predictable story, it didn't bore me. The second half of the drama was also good. Unlike Record of Youth, I felt bored in the second half.

So these are my top 5 dramas of 2020. I actually had a hard time choosing because there are a lot of good dramas that aired this year. These are just the dramas that stood out for me. How about you? What are your favorite dramas this 2020?

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