Fangirl’s Pick: My 10 New Love “K-Actor and K-Actress” in 2019

December 28, 2019

This 2019, I have seen a lot of gems in the KDrama world. It’s either they are a rookie one or a not-so-rookie but it’s my first time watching a KDrama that they are part of. Although there are many actors and actresses to look forward to in the coming years, I have chosen my ten (10) new loves.

Lee Jae Wook

A lot of people got mad at him for his role as Baek Kyung in Extraordinary You. Well, it’s true. His character there is very irritating which makes me feel more hooked with him. He is so good in acting that you may really want to get mad at the actor (and not his character anymore lol).

But aside from his acting skills, the main reason why I am looking forward for more of him is that, he has a great personality. He is really different from Baek Kyung. I have been seeing a lot of fan cams and behind the scenes videos where he shows his playfulness not only with the people he is working with, but also with his fans.

I can’t wait to see more of him this coming 2020!

Kim Hye Yoon

If I were to choose one best actress, she would be probably at the top of my list. I knew Kim Hye Yoon since Sky Castle. Just like how other people got irritated with Baek Kyung in Extraordinary you, I also got irritated with her character Kang Yeh Suh in Sky Castle. But another twist, I liked her character Kim Dan Oh in Extraordinary You.

Two different characters yet she was able to portray it well. When I was watching Extraordinary You, I totally forgot that she is also the Kang Yeh Suh in Sky Castle. What does it mean? It means that Kim Hye Yoon can totally change herself to the character she is into. And that definitely makes a good artist.

Kim Dong Hee

I started following Kim Dong Hee ever since the web drama A-Teen. Since he is just a rookie actor, he has no big projects yet. Until, Sky Castle happened. Although he isn’t really a main character there, he still showed how great he can be.

His character in A-Teen and Sky Castle were also different. Which made me realize that I usually fall in love with their characters and not with the actors. I mean, I like him so much as Ha Min in A-Teen but I am not so into him with his character in Sky Castle. But I still support him in whatever character he portrays. I hope more people will notice him especially on his new drama “Itaewon Class” along with Park Seo Jun.

Bae Hyun Sung

The actor who I refer to as the little brother of Park Bo Gum. At first glance, he really looks like Park Bo Gum. But aside from that, I fell in love with him during Love Playlist Season 4. His character, “Park Ha Neul”, is so cute that I want to pinch him on his cheeks.

I wasn’t following him on his SNS accounts which surprised me that he was actually a part of Extraordinary You. His character in Extraordinary You was Baek Kyung’s brother (not biologically tho). I was waiting more for his character there, but he wasn’t given much exposure. I hope 2020 will be a good year for him!

Shin Ye Eun

She is one of my favorite actresses ever since I got to watch her on A-Teen. Plus points were she was also the actress on DAY6’s Shoot Me MV. Upon researching more about her, I learned that Shin Ye Eun and Kim Dong Hee are from JYP Entertainment which made me like them even more (because I am a JYP Stan!).

But honestly, I haven’t watched her drama with Jinyoung. It’s not because I don’t want it but I still have no time to start it. I still have a lot of pending KDramas to watch. But I will watch it soon. I am also looking forward for her drama with Myungsoo next year. I can’t wait to see their chemistry.

Jung Gun Joo

I am not so sure if I first saw him as the actor on DAY6’s I Like You or his web drama “Why”. But he already got my attention from those. I didn’t know I could fall for him more when I watched Extraordinary You. The second lead syndrome attacked. I was really looking forward to him being the one chosen but he ended up being heart-broken.

What I like about Jung Gun Joo is that he has this beautiful smile. Although he can act as silly sometimes, his smile never fades.

Kim Young Dae

While watching Extraordinary You, I keep on thinking on where I saw him. Upon researching, he is the main actor in the web drama “What to do With You (2018)”. I have watched that web drama but I really did not follow him at those time. Although his character in Extraordinary You was not that “main-type”, I am lowkey hoping to see him more on the small screen as the main character.

Lee Do Hyun

I don’t know why but I keep on seeing Jung Hae In in him. Maybe because of his smile or what? I have seen him at Hotel Del Luna and was actually rooting that Manwol will still choose him. Unfortunately, she didn’t.

Even if I only saw a glimpse of him on that drama, I fell in love with him immediately. I hope I’ll get to watch a rom-com drama with him as the main lead. Oh, and I love him with his very long hair.

Lee Tae Sun

Another Hotel Del Luna actor. Just like how I saw Do Hyun as Jung Hae In, I also see Tae Sun as SF9’s Chanhi. In fact, I thought that it was Chanhi who was playing his role on Hotel Del Luna. The main reason why I am rooting for him is because he acts well whether it be on a historical setting or modern setting.

Lee Jun Young

He is not a new actor. He is not even new in this industry. But this is my first time encountering him. I did not follow U-Kiss, or even UNB. But if you did, well, you probably know Jun. I started knowing him with his drama “The Class of Lies.” It has been the talk of the town so I got intrigued with it. A lot of people are saying that it is the second Sky Castle. Although this one is darker, it still shows how suck the education system in Korea is.

Junyoung is a psychopath here. I shouldn’t be liking him, right? But I ended up liking him. He acts so good that even if you like him, you’ll get mad and irritated with him. Recently, I have been following him on his twitter and saw that he debuted as a solo artist. I really liked his song “Curious”. It has been playing around my head for quite some time now.

I will be a lowkey fan of Junyoung and wait for his new drama or new song.

So here are my top 10 new loves. How about you? Who is your new loves and why are you rooting for them this 2020?

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