Fangirl’s Picks: Best Concert and Fan Meet in 2019

December 26, 2019

This 2019, I have attended more or less 30 Korean concerts and fan meetings. A lot, right? I never thought I would get the chance to attend a lot of k-events this year. I was not able to write a blog about those events, but that doesn’t mean I forgot all of those. Instead of writing those backlogs, I will just be choosing my top three (3) concerts and top three (3) fan meetings that I have attended this 2019.



TWICELIGHTS in Manila happened last June 29, 2019 at the Mall of Asia Arena. To be very honest, I never thought I’ll get to watch TWICE this year. The tickets for their concert were sold out fast and I wasn’t lucky enough to get one! But thanks to, they gave me the chance to cover the concert.

Why is this concert my top 3? First, it’s because TWICELIGHTS in Manila is the first concert of TWICE. Being a fan of them ever since debut (well, I’m actually rooting for them ever since SIXTEEN era), this will be my first time seeing them as a group. If you were with me during the whole concert, you’re gonna see that I was crying even on their first song. Weird, right? But I don’t know. I feel so happy that I’m finally seeing my girls.

Second, it’s because you can see that everyone in the arena are ONCEs and not just some people who wants to see TWICE because they are “famous”. The fanchants were so loud, not to mention that the fanchants were composed of mainly fanboys.
Although the girls were not in their best condition, I know they did their very best to perform and smile for the fans. I can’t wait to see them again. I just hope, this time, I’ll get to buy my own ticket, somewhere nearer to the stage.

#2 SF9 UNIXERSE in Manila

SF9 UNIXERSE in Manila was held at the New Frontier Theater last November 16, 2019. Let me tell you this. I am not (yet, but getting there) a fan of SF9. I only know Rowoon (because of Extraordinary You), Chani (because of Sky Castle) and Inseong (because of We K-POP). The rest, I have no idea who they are. So before attending their concert, I tried to memorize their names and songs.

But why is this concert my top 2 concert? It’s because the concert is very intimate. It’s not a big concert, in fact it wasn’t even a sold out one. But that concert made me feel like I am stanning SF9 for a long time already. I don’t feel out of place. This is the second time I felt like this. The first time was during Winner in Manila.

Their songs were all good! Most of the songs of this generation don’t give me that much impact but listening to SF9’s songs makes me want to put them all in my playlist. Their songs are worth listening to. Although their genre wasn’t my type, I can still vibe into it.

There were a lot of imperfections in the concert, in terms of the technical side. But that doesn’t change the fact that SF9 and their fans enjoyed that night. It may be a small concert, but it’s worth attending to.

#1 Super Junior SS8 in Manila

SS8 in Manila was held at the Mall of Asia Arena last December 15, 2019. Oh yes. I’m biased. Haha. Well, for me SS8 in Manila is the best concert this 2019. A lot of you may know that Super Junior is my ultimate bias group so maybe you’re thinking that it is the main reason why this is the best concert.

The reasons why this concert is the best because first, I have waited for this time to come. The active members were almost complete. It’s the first concert in PH after Ryeowook’s and Kyuhyun’s discharged from the military. I missed these two vocalists last SS7. So seeing them perform and hearing them live again is what I am really looking forward to.

Second, almost all the songs they performed were from their past albums. Meaning, I know most of it. Recently, I haven’t been actively listening to their b-tracks because I am a little busy to do so. I only know their title tracks. But this time, they performed their classic songs. They also sang “No Other” which is my all-time favorite.

Third, because Donghae (my bias) always comes to my side. Last SS7, I was a bit disappointed with Donghae because he barely comes to our side. But this SS8, he was always at our side and I am so happy to it. I got to see him very close. Plus, he also just showed his perfectly toned body (lol).

But aside from all of these, I consider this the best concert because it’s the only concert where I got my PCD of Post-Concert Depression. The last time I had PCD was during Wanna One’s concert in Manila. And this time, up until now, I still want to return to that time. I miss them. I want to see them again. All the feels came back. I promise to come to their concert again no matter what happens.

Fan Meeting

#3 Lee Jinhyuk S.O.L. in Manila

Okay. I had a hard time choosing with Bae Jinyoung’s, Jung Hae In’s and Lee Jinhyuk’s fan meeting. But after a hard thinking, I finally chose Lee Jin Hyuk’s fan meeting in Manila as my top 3 fan meeting this 2019. I liked Jinhyuk ever since Produce X 101 that’s why I really felt devastated when he wasn’t part of the final line-up. But seeing him actively promoting as a solo artist makes me happy for him. Lee Jinhyuk’s fan meeting in Manila happened last December 14, 2019 at the New Frontier Theater.

What made Lee Jinhyuk’s fan meeting win over the other two is because of Lee Jinhyuk himself. He is probably one of the kindest idol I have ever met. Although he is not that good is speaking English, he still tried his best to talk with the fans. He is “game” with all the things on stage. Especially when he was playing the bigger version of Tumbang Preso. You can also see that he is enjoying all these stuffs.

I have seen and met a lot of idols but Lee Jinhyuk will always have a special place in my heart. Kind idols like him are worth stanning.

#2 Jang Ki Yong in Manila

During Jang Ki Yong’s fan meeting in Manila, I haven’t started watching Search: WWW (in fact I actually dropped that drama just recently). I know him but I haven’t watched his drama. Since I was asked to cover the said event, I went to his fan meeting.

With a cold looking face, I really did not expect him to be that fun to watch. He likes to smile and play with the fans. I was laughing so hard all throughout his fan meeting. Look, I am not a fan, what more if I am right? His fan meeting was just a small fan meeting which made it more intimate too.
Plus, the good thing here is that he played with his fans. It’s not just a host-actor moment but also a fan-actor moment. That is the kind of fan meeting I am looking for. Jang Ki Yong’s fan meeting in Manila happened at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura last November 17, 2019.

#1 Park Bo Gum in Manila

A lot of people will surely get mad at me if they know that I haven’t watched a single drama of Park Bo Gum. But yes, I haven’t but I’m planning to watch one soon. Park Bo Gum’s fan meeting in Manila was actually moved because of the recent earthquakes that happened in the Philippines. His fan meeting was supposed to be on the same date as Stray Kids in Manila. Park Bo Gum in Manila was held at the Mall of Asia Arena last June 22, 2019.

I don’t know if I should categorize this as a fan meet or a concert because I felt like I experienced both in this fan meeting. The first half was definitely a fan meet while the second half was a concert. The fun thing here in this fan meeting is that, Park Bo Gum tried his very best to speak in straight English which made us understand what he is saying. Another thing, Anne Curtis was the host. Since she is also a fangirl, we can definitely feel what Anne is feeling. Anne is really a great host.

For the second part of his fan meeting, most of the songs that Park Bo Gum performed were JYP songs. As a JYP stan, I had a great moment singing with those songs. Park Bo Gum can definitely pass as an idol singer.

But the most fun part in this fan meeting is that, all the fans at the Mall of Asia Arena will get to hi touch him. Imagine how tiring it could be but Park Bo Gum did not even show a single sign of tiredness. In fact, he was even more hyper during the hitouch. Oh and yes, he looks really handsome up-close.

If you have noticed, almost all the events that I chose were either intimate, or the artist is very kind. That is the kind of event that makes me happy. I hope I’ll still get to experience more events on the following years.

How about you? What’s your best event this 2019?

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