Best of Best 2019: My Fangirl Review, Highlights, and Goals

December 31, 2019

It’s that time of the year where I have to write a summary of what happened to me this year. It’s not actually a “MUST” but it’s more of my yearly tradition to see how I grew as a person. I can’t actually recall if 2019 has been a great, a so-so, or a worse year. But it’s definitely the year where I met a lot of people and experienced new things.

So where do I start? I guess I have to start with the goals I made last 2018 through this blog – Best of Best 2018: My Fangirl Review, Highlights, and Goals.

Goals last 2018

To recap, here are the goals that I have written:
- Write at least 24 blogs
- Go to Korea or Thailand
- 3 Giveaways
- Charity Giving
- 7-10k likes on Facebook
- 1000 followers on Twitter
- 100 subscribers on Youtube
- Enjoy writing
- Learn to say “No”
- Just “me”

Upon checking, I have successfully accomplished seven (7) out of the ten (10) goals that I have listed. Not bad for a person who has a hard time doing it. For 2019, I have written more than 24 blogs. Most of my blog posts were from my travel and concerts experiences. Some also where the articles I created for PKCI.

Although I was not able to go to Thailand because of conflict of schedules, I was able to go to South Korea not only once but TWICE this year! The thing that I’m also proud of during my travel in South Korea was that I was able to go to Olympic Park alone.

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A Fangirl’s Heart has conducted more than 3 giveaways – Stray Kids “Unveil Tour” in Manila, Sunshine Family Screening, DAY6 “Gravity” Tour in Manila, a collaboration with Thai’s the Way giveaway, and a year-end giveaway.

The Facebook page has also reached 13k+ likes before this year ends. Twitter has also reached more than 1k followers. I am very thankful that I have reached these numbers. But like I always say, these numbers mean nothing if I cannot inspire, help, and educate people.

This year, even if I have a goal of writing at least 24 blogs, I did not pressure myself in doing it. I write when I want to write, and who would have thought that I was still able to reach that goal? Maybe this year has taught me that I should just do the things I love to do without being pressured.
With the three (3) goals that I haven’t  achieved this 2019, there’s still 2020!

Highlights of my Fangirl Life this 2019

I broke my record again for attending a lot of fangirling events this year! Last year, I attended 22 events. This year, I attended a total of 35 events – composed of concerts, fan meetings, interviews, and conventions. It’s not only about Korean acts, but also Thai acts.

Here is the list of the events I have attended this year:


- Love by Chance in Manila – February 17, 2019
- iKON in Manila during their Samsung Event – February 26, 2019


- KPOPCONX – March 3, 2019
- KPOP Friendship in Manila – March 7, 2019
- Park Ji Hoon in Manila – March 15, 2019
- So Ji Sub in Manila – March 16, 2019
- Dreamcatcher in Manila – March 24, 2019


- Saint Suppapong in Manila Interview – April 6, 2019
- Stray Kids in Manila – April 27, 2019


- Beautiful Mint Life 2019 – May 11, 2019
- Bae Jin Young in Manila – May 18, 2019
- Seo Kang Jun in Manila – May 25, 2019
- PinkFantasy in Manila – May 31, 2019


- Sunshine Family Press Conference – June 2, 2019
- KPOP World Music Festival – June 9, 2019
- Mark Siwat in Manila – June 16, 2019
- Park Bo Gum in Manila – June 22, 2019
- TWICE in Manila – June 29, 2019
- The Boyz in Manila- June 30, 2019


- Lee Sung Kyoung in Manila Press Conference – July 26, 2019
- Lee Sung Kyoung in Manila Fan Meet – July 27, 2019


- Happy Hallyu Day 3 – August 4, 2019
- NOIR in Manila – August 10, 2019
- Krist and Singto in Manila – August 17, 2019


- Jung Hae In in Manila – September 28, 2019


- Good Friends in Manila – October 5, 2019
- Kang Daniel in Manila – October 19, 2019
- ACH Invitation for Hallyu Fans – October 25 – Nov. 2, 2019


- Lee Dong Wook Fan Meeting in Korea – November 2, 2019
- TEMPT in Manila – November 10, 2019
- SF9 in Manila – November 16, 2019
- Jang Ki Yong in Manila – November 17, 2019
- DAY6 in Manila – November 23, 2019


- Lee Jin Hyuk in Manila – December 14, 2019
- Super Junior in Manila – December 15, 2019

I am very much thankful to PKCI,, Wish Us Luck, and Headliner Manila for the opportunities that you have given to me. If it’s not for you, I would not be able to attend most of these events.


This coming 2020, I don’t think I can attend a lot of events like what I experienced this 2019, but I am already thankful. The KPOP groups or artists that I am looking forward to meet next year are – Super Junior (of course!), GOT7, X1, Lee Jaewook (please T_T), Kim Myungsoo, and Chungha. Most of the artists that I have mentioned have no confirmed visits in the Philippines, but I am praying and hoping to see them even if it’s not in the Philippines.

Not only did I get to attend these events, but also, my photo of Red Velvet’s Yeri was featured in instiz and pannchoa. Some may say that “it’s not even an official news site” but it doesn’t matter to me. As long as a lot of people have appreciated my shot, a lot of people have seen it, it’s enough.

Another highlight of my fangirl life is that I was able to ask Super Junior's Shindong for a signature. He was at the PinkFantasy mini fanmeeting.

Goals for 2020

These goals will serve as my guide for the coming year. These are the things that I am looking forward to do and the things that inspire me to live for 2020.

For A Fangirl’s Heart

My personal goal for A Fangirl’s Heart is to reach around 17k-20k page likes on Facebook, 2000 followers on Twitter, 100-150 Youtube Subscribers by the end of 2020. I also aim to reach at least 10,000 views in this blog. In this way, I can reach more people. I don't know how to do that yet but we'll see.

In terms of contents, my goal for this blog is to write a drama or movie review once a month. Not only will it allow people to know more about a certain drama/movie but also to practice my writing ability. I also plan on opening again my Youtube channel wherein I’ll post at least 4 merch unboxing, at least 6 covers, and at least 2 vlogs. To add, I will also be trying some skin care reviews and food reviews.

For myself (as a fangirl blogger)

My goal for 2020 is still the same as my goal in 2019. I will not be pressured to write for the sake of the content. But I will be writing for myself. This 2020, I will do my best to learn how to say “No” to most of the things that I think will just harm me.

Another goal, of course, is to travel to another country next 2020. I wouldn’t mind if it’s Korea again (lol) but I am looking forward to go to another country that I haven’t been to.

To everything I’m thankful this 2019

There are a lot of things to be thankful for 2019, for the opportunities, for the newly met friends, for the travels, for the readers, for a lot of things. I won’t be able to thank every single one or thing, but still I would like to thank 2019 for shaping me. I hope 2020 will be much kinder to me.
I am not so sure if I’m ready for 2020, but bring it on!

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