Fangirl's Pick: My New Found Love this 2021

December 28, 2021

So, I'm back to my usual end of the year picks. This year wasn't really good in terms of my fangirl life. I got a full time job and I wasn't able to do more fangirling this year that's why I was checking my Twitter account if I ever stanned new people.

Well, I can say that I lost a lot of interest with some groups and artists this 2021. But, I also gained new love for other groups. This list is not actually long but here it is:

The Boyz

I have known The Boyz ever since their debut because of Haknyeon. Just in case you didn't know, Haknyeon joined Produce 101. But I didn't really became a fan of them because I was so busy with my other groups.

In fact, I have seen them twice already. First one was during the MBC Show Champion in Manila. The second one was during their solo fancon here in Manila. But I wasn't a fan yet. I was on those events to take photos and write articles. But, I still didn't become a fan. Although their song, KeePer, has been on my playlist since before.

I got to know them more after watching Kingdom: The Legendary War. Since then, I got to see a lot of fanmade videos on TikTok which eventually led me to finally stanning them. At first, I had a hard time choosing a bias. But after buying my first The Boyz album, Thrill-ing, I finally decided that Sunwoo is my bias.

I can't wait to spend more years with them! Oh, and I also bought their season's greetings and applied for a membership. Can't wait to receive those!

Chae Jong Hyeop

Although I have seen him in Hot Stove League, he didn't have much impact on me yet. But because of the drama, Nevertheless, I fell in love with him. I don't know if it's because of his character or because of his precious smile. He is also the main reason why I bought the OST album of Nevertheless.

I'm really looking forward in seeing his upcoming drama with one of my favorite actresses, Park Ju Hyun.

Choi Taejoon

Just like the earlier artists I mentioned earlier, I am also familiar with Choi Taejoon. But, I know him as Park Shin Hye's boyfriend. After watching So I Married the Anti-Fan, I became a fan of Choi Taejoon. Now, I know him as Choi Taejoon and not just Park Shin Hye's boyfriend.

I am so happy when they announced that he is getting married next year and is also expecting a baby. Because I love Park Shin Hye and him, I am really looking forward for their family. I also can't wait to see him in his upcoming drama.


Same with The Boyz, I also got to know Ateez more because of Kingdom: The Legendary War. I have friends who are fans of ATEEZ which eventually led me to being a lowkey stan of the group too. Well, I consider myself a full stan if I started collecting their albums lol.

But what really got me into them is because some members were part of the drama Imitation. I suddenly became a Yunho-biased because of the drama. But I'm a Seonghwa-biased now lol. I also love their recent song, Turbulence, which is now an anthem of my life.

We'll see if my fangirling for ATEEZ progresses next year.


I actually don't know if I should add Seventeen on this list because I have been following them since last year. But it's just this year when I started collecting their merch. It's weird because I don't know the members before but I know their title tracks (and the choreo!) very well to the point that their songs are part of my playlist. I guess I was a bit hesitant to say that I was a fan before.

But since most of my groups are in hiatus mode, I guess I can finally give more time to stanning Seventeen and I'm no longer a lowkey stan. I can't wait to see them really soon! By the way, my biases are Wonwoo and Joshua. But I love all of them!

As I was writing the list, I realized that most of my new found love this 2021 are groups and artists that I knew already. But, I didn't pay attention to them. I'm just so happy that 2021 made a way for me to finally become their fan. I'm happy that they became a part of my life even though it's a bit late.

To more days and moments with them!

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