Fangirl's Pick: Favorite K-Pop Songs of 2021

December 31, 2021

Since I love listening to music whenever I work or whenever I draw, there are some K-Pop songs released this 2021 that are on my playlist and I won't ever skip those songs. I can play this song everyday and still not get tired of listening from it.

The Boyz - Thrill Ride

As I was listening on Spotify, this song really caught my attention. At first, I didn't know who sang it. When I checked it, it was The Boyz. I can say that this song is the reason why I started being a fan of The Boyz. If you may have read my recent blog post, New Found Love in 2021, I mentioned that I knew them before but it was just this year when I officially became a fan.

I really love this kind of concept and song genre. Although, if you check out the lyrics of the song, it's not what you expected it to be.

NCT Dream - Hello Future

To be honest, I really love NCT Dream's songs. But this song, Hello Future, is one of my most favorite. The tune and melody of the song simply lightens up my mood whenever I hear it. After this song was released, I have been listening to it everyday.

DAY6 - You Make Me

An OT5 song from one of my favorite bands, DAY6. At first, this song didn't make an impact to me unlike their songs before. But as I continued listening to it, I slowly become addicted with the song. Once you heard this song, you'll immediately recognize that it's a DAY6 song since this is how they usually make their music.

GOT7 - Encore

JB's voice in this song is very soothing to the ears that's why it has been on my playlist. Plus, this song is very memorable and special for GOT7 and IGOT7s. Whenever I hear this song, it makes me cry. "We will sing for you even if time passes."

Seventeen - Rock With You

Seventeen's songs are really one of the best out there. Rock with You is an addicting song that even my mom hums it from time to time. I have been playing this loudly in our house that's why she knows it. But aside from Rock With You, the whole Attacca songs are part of my playlist. It's one of my favorite Seventeen album based on the tracks.

ATEEZ - Turbulence

If you have been reading my blog posts, I actually wrote something about Turbulence. It's my first time listening to a song and cried on my first listen. Aside from the message of the song, I really love it's melody too. It's different from other ATEEZ song but I really love it.

I actually have a lot of songs in my playlist but these songs are the constant ones. I can't wait to hear more amazing songs this 2022. How about you? What's your favorite K-Pop song that was released this year?

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