K-Pop and K-Drama Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Friend

December 01, 2021

It's already December and Christmas is just around the corner. So you're probably thinking what Christmas gifts would your friends want. If you're that kind of friend who loves giving gifts, and your friend is into K-Pop and K-Drama, then this is for you.

I listed down some of the gifts you can buy that will surely make your friends happy. (Well, you can buy these for you, too!)

K-Pop Album

TWICEcoaster Lane 2
Okay, first stop on the list, a K-Pop album. Of course, an album is really a merchandise that every K-Pop fan want to have. Not only do they consist of the CD (songs) of the artists, but there are a lot of other inclusions like photocards, bookmarks, posters, photobooks, and sometimes more.

Nowadays, there are a lot of K-Pop shops online. Some sell on hand K-Pop albums. While others are still for pre-order (which means they will still order it in Korea). An album is actually a bit pricey, but there are some fans (especially those who joined fansign or video call events) are selling their extra copies for a cheaper one. Just like my Thrill-ing albums. I got the whole set for around 1000 pesos. And note, it's sealed!

But if it's still a bit pricey, you can buy unsealed albums. An unseal album is an album that has been opened already and some inclusions (mainly the photocard) are not included anymore. But the CD and photobook are still there so it's still good.

Where to buy sealed K-Pop albums?

In my experience, I highly recommend buying from Korean Craze PH. Most of their items are for pre-order but they have on hand ones on their Shopee account. I have been buying a lot of albums from them and the seller, Ate Sab, is so approachable.

You can also buy from CNA Philippines, N.Cat Philippines, or you may check Facebook marketplace groups and bns Twitter. But make sure to be alert always because you don't want to get scammed this holiday season.

K-Drama OST Album

It's Okay to Not be Okay OST Album
If K-Pop fans have albums, then K-Drama fans have their OST album! Recently, K-Drama OST albums have been upgrading from a simple jewel case with just the cd and lyric booklet into an album with a lot of inclusions.

If your friend is a K-Drama addict, ask him or her which K-Drama she loves the most and try to find its OST album.

Highly recommended K-Drama OST album shop

Based from experience, KDramerch.PH is one of my favorite K-Drama shop located in the Philippines. My transaction with them is super smooth and the seller is very honest and very transparent with everything. They also have a Shopee shop for their on hand items. So make sure to check it out.

Photocard of his or her bias

If an album is a bit pricey for you, then a photocard of your friend's bias will do! A lot of K-Pop fans are really into collecting K-Pop photocards. An album photocard mostly ranges from 80 pesos - 300 pesos per photocard, depending on the member.

But if you're wondering why other photocards are pricier than this, it's probably because it's a limited one, a pre-order benefit, or some sellers bought those photocards in a higher price.

You can buy photocards on Facebook Marketplace groups and BNS Twitter. But of course, make sure to be alert when buying online.

Photocard Binder and Sleeves

If your friend is a photocard collector, then these items are a must-have so that their photocards will be safe.


There are actually different types of binder - A4, A5, Collector's Book, etc. But for this photo, it is the A4 Binder. The 9P sleeves are usually seen in this kind of binder. They need this to store all their photocards together. Plus, it'll be easier for them to check their collections.

Pocket Sleeves

The binder have no pocket sleeves inside so you need to buy it separately. The pocket sleeve is where you put your photocards, postcards, bookmarks, and other paper-type inclusions. There are different types of pocket sleeves, but I'll be talking about that more in my next blogs.

For now, the highly recommended sleeves for A4 Binder, is a 9P UltraPro Sleeves.

Card Protector

Recently, these card protector sleeves have been in demand. Before placing the photocards in the UltraPro sleeves, collectors usually put it these first to add some protection to the photocards.

Sultan Card Sleeve has different sizes but the most common ones are these two. Normal size photocards fits well in these card sleeves. You can actually buy these in Shopee.


Wanna One in Kuala Lumpur
Lightstick is a concert must-have. Although we can't attend offline concerts yet, these lightsticks can be used during online concerts. It gives us the feeling of being in a real concert especially when we turn off the lights while having our lightsticks on.

It may be a bit pricey too, but it's worth it.

Fanmade Keychains, Stickers, and Other Merch

If you love supporting small business and artists, this is a good thing to buy for your friends. Some fan-made merch are cheap but it's really cute. Mostly, these are fanarts of K-Pop groups or K-Drama actors and actresses. These fan artists are usually on Twitter and IG.

It may not be an official merch, but still it's a merchandise that your friend will be happy to get especially when the art style is so good.

Korean Snack Box

IQiyi Gift

Who wouldn't want a box full of Korean snacks? I mean, food is life. Since there are a lot of Korean Marts nowadays, Korean snacks are easy to get already. A snack box is also good when watching K-Dramas because you can eat those while watching.

Socks, T-Shirts, Hoodies

These Korean socks really are good gifts this Christmas. It's something your K-Pop or K-Drama fan friend can use that is still related with Korea. There are different designs. Some are chibis of the famous Korean artists. It's cheap but useful. Same goes with the T-Shirt and Hoodies. It can be useful everyday.

BONUS: Season's Greetings

Although most season's greetings won't arrive here in the Phippines this year, it's still a great gift for your friend. This is quite expensive (more expensive than the K-Pop albums) since this can be used the whole year! It consists of calendars, photocards, postcards, and a lot of different inclusions.

Some fans are actually posting tingi of these season's greetings. Meaning, if you only want to get a certain member, or just the diary, or the calendar, then it'll be cheaper. There are a lot of these on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope this list somehow helped you think of gifts to your friend... or maybe even for yourself. Although this list might be a bit pricey, but I guess, everyone deserves these special merchandises because we have made it through the year.

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