K-Vault: TWICE - TWICEcoaster Lane 2

April 01, 2017

Hi guys! I have decided to finally put my k-trashes..err. I mean k-merch here in my blog. It hasn't been long since I started collecting albums and other kpop or kdrama stuff, but I won't be posting about my past collections anymore. Starting now, I will post my albums, posters, or whatever k-merch I have and I hope you'll enjoy what I just did.

So for my first entry, I just received my TWICEcoaster Lane 2 album last March 27, 2017 and now I'll show you the inclusions.

I bought my album at GDYB Philippines. I have been buying almost all my sealed albums from them. Aside from the fact that Ate Kyo (the owner) is very approachable, it is also easier to buy from her since you'll only add it on your carts plus you can choose whether it'll be shipped or you'll claim it in their stall. I usually claim mine at their stall.

Okay. So let's move on.

First of all, for those who don't know anything about TWICE, Twice is a kpop girl group under JYP Entertainment. They consist of 9 members: Nayeon, Jungyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu.

Recently, they released a special album and that is the TWICEcoaster Lane 2 with "Knock Knock" as their title track. There are actually two versions of this album, Ver. A - Yellow, and Ver. B - Pink. I was not prepared for this comeback so I was able to buy only one version and that is the pink one.

This is how the front of Ver. B album looks like. I like this style. It reminds me of a scrapbook or a collage. Aside from that, I really like the pink and black combination. I somehow find it weird that the front cover is on a landscape while the back is treated vertically. But anyway, it's their style not mine.

One of the perks of buying the album during the pre-order period is that you'll have some additional benefits. Like in this album, we have the OT9 photocards and Knock Knock Goods. This is the OT9 photocards from the Pink album. There is another set of OT9 photocards from the Yellow version.

As I opened the album, you can immediately see the inclusions. There is the CD, the Knock Knock Good, Lyric Book, Photocard, Sticker and the photo album.

This one is the Knock Knock Good.

It is a mini standee of the artist knocking. This time, the Knock Knock Good members are randomly distributed to the albums so you do not know which artist you'll be getting. In my case, I got Nayeon, the oldest in the group. I was rooting for Momo though, because she is my bias but I'm still happy to get anyone.

At the back portion of the Knock Knock Good, it has an instruction that says we should cut it to make it look like a standee. But then, I won't do it.

Almost all KPOP albums have what we call the photocards. Like the Knock Knock Good, the members are also randomly distributed to every album. The photocards have two version as well. The yellow and the pink. In my album, I got Dahyun's photocard.

This one is the lyrics book of the songs in the album.

I find this one so cute. It is a sticker of the members with their knocking poses.

Of course, there is also a poster included. Anyway, I really love their outfit here.

For the photobook in this album, I created a short video for this. I kinda rushed making the video so I'm sorry for that.

So here ends my first entry in my K-Vault. Expect more albums with better pictures of it. I hope you enjoy reading this!

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