K-Vault: GOT7 - FLIGHT LOG: Arrival

April 26, 2017

And I'm back with a new album to show here in my K-Vault. My first K-Vault entry was TWICE's album, TWICECOASTER Lane 2. Now, it's GOT7's turn.

GOT7 recently had their comeback. FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL is part of their trilogy (Departure, Turbulence, Arrival) and currently the last. Their title track was Never Ever. And since I am a GOT7 Trash (lol), I decided to buy one of each version of their album through a friend who opened a group order. I also got their pre-order benefit - log book.

There are 2 versions of their album: Never (Brown) and Ever(Green). I'm going to start with the Never Version first.


Here is a picture (front and back) of my sealed Flight log: Arrival (Never ver.) album. To be very honest, I didn't expect it to be this big and it is quite heavy compared to their past albums.

After opening the album, you can see that there are three photo books inside. Yes, they are separated from each other and I can say that this idea is cool.

Around the photo books, there is a clear folder covering it. As you can see, it is GOT7 in yellow version. If you complete all the colors of the clear card, you will see the colored version of the picture. I first saw this thing at DAY6 albums and it is really cool especially when taken during sunrise or sunset.

As far as I know, there are red and blue of this clear card.

What really made me buy this album was because of the photo cards. I am collecting them. Compared to their previous albums, this album contained three version of the photo cards and all are in random. The three version - Making, Selfie, and Promise. I got Jinyoung's Making Version, Selfie Version.

What's the difference between the Making and Selfie Version? The Making version has their signature in it and the Selfie version has this white border around it.

Lastly, I got Youngjae's Promise Version.

I wasn't able to get even one Mark photo card. Yes, Mark is my bias in GOT7. But who knows? I might get one on my other album.

This album also has an event card wherein the pictures of some OTPs are presented. I got JJP Event Card in this album. My JJP feels are overflowing. They are my first biases in GOT7 before Mark wrecked it.

This is how the first press CD looks like. The second press CD has GOT7's faces and I'm waiting here for a Mark CD.

Lastly, there is also a poster included here.


Ever Version is the green one.

Like the Never Version, it also contains three photo books. Well, actually, there are only two photo books and one lyric book. I am going to show it to you later through a video.

I got a Blue clear card this time.

And of course, the moment I've been waiting for, the photo cards.

I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY! I just got Mark's Making photo card. For the first time in history, I got a Mark photo card from the album I bought.

I got JB's Selfie and oh-my-gosh, he is so chubby and fluffy here making me want to squish him.

Lastly, I got Bambam's Promise Version. I really love this promise version because they are wearing a red suit. Meanwhile, the event card I got in this album is JackJae's OTP.

To be honest, I won't be able to use this event card since I'm an international fan and I can't go to their fan signings or fan events.

This is how the CD of the Ever version looks like. It just looks like the never version. It's just green. For the Ever poster, it's a portrait one.

Both albums have same inclusions: Log Book (For 1st press only), Clear Folder, Two Photo Books, One Lyric Book, Three Random Photocards (1 Making, 1 Selfie, 1 Promise), Event card, CD, and poster. They may have same inclusions but they differ on the content. To understand more, make sure to watch this video on Youtube.

So here's my post about GOT7's Arrival Album. If you're a KPOP fan, especially IGOT7, make sure to buy their album. It is worth the money and the wait. Plus, this will also help them from winning on Music Shows.

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