Korean Food Trip: Kaya Restaurant and Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe

May 12, 2017

Korean food is definitely one of my favorites! Not just because I am a KPOP and KDrama fan, but because these food really taste good. Whenever I meet my friends in the K-World, we make sure that we have Korean food and dessert on our table. Last May 6, 2017, my friends and I decided to meet at the Bonifacio Stop Over building in BGC and visited Kaya Restaurant and Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe.

How to go to Bonifacio Stop Over?

  1. Ride an MRT to Ayala Station then go down where the BGC bus is located. It is on the right side once you go out of the MRT station.
  2. Ride a BGC bus - West Route and drop at the 4th bus stop.
  3. The 4th bus stop is the Bonifacio Stop Over already. Easy right?

Since it is already lunch time and we haven't eaten our lunches, we decided to go eat at Kaya Restaurant just on the second floor of the building. We wanted to eat meat that time but due to lack of time, we just decided to eat Bibimbap. This Bibimbap will surely satisfy your craving at the same time, it is also nutritious. I also loved the kimchi that was served here.

Here is a picture of my friends. We are not yet complete that time.

After eating our meal, we decided to go and have our dessert at Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe which is just at the 3rd floor of the same building. We decided to take orders already. We took different kinds of Bingsu so that we can taste a lot of flavors. While they were taking their orders, I decided to take a picture of the place.

I love how the surrounding looks like. There were table for two people and tables for more than two. The place is also well air-conditioned so even if it's hot outside, you will not feel it. The music here of course are KPOP songs and KDrama OSTs. The staff here are also kind. I really love this place. After waiting for a couple of minutes, our orders are already here.

Choco Cookie Bingsu

This is what I ordered since I love anything about chocolate. I just ordered the regular size of this bingsu which costs P175 only. For its taste and the serving itself, it is worth it. Promise!

Banana Mango Bingsu

One of my friends ordered this. As far as I know, this is Hobing's new flavor. What made it more interesting is that, there are two sticks of Pepero in it. I'm craving for this. I'm not sure with the price of this one. I believe it costs P170 - P230 for the regular size.

Choco Brownie Bingsu

Although it may look similar with the one I ordered, they are different. This one is also pricier than the one I ordered. It costs P245 for the regular size. This has brownies, nuts, and whipped cream.

Bingsu + Toast

Of all the bingsu that we have ordered, this one is different because it's a combination of Bingsu and Toast. I'm not quite sure with the price of this one too. Probably it costs around P140 - P200.

Matcha Bingsu

Our friend, who was a little late, ordered Matcha Bingsu because she loves Matcha. This one costs P185 per regular serving.

These are our orders. I wasn't able to have an individual photo of the Strawberry Bingsu and the Mango Cheese Bingsu. The Strawberry Bingsu costs P225 for its regular size and the Mango Cheese Bingsu costs P205 for its regular size.

We had fun eating our Bingsu and at the same time chatting. I'm still waiting for our group picture so that I can upload it here too. For the mean time, these are the things I'll be showing you. I hope you like it and will soon try these Bingsu at Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe. They also have different branches. You can check their Instagram for more details.

'Til next food trip!

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