It's That Time Again: Bloggers United 13

June 12, 2017

Bloggers United 13 was held at Whitespace Makati last June 3, 2017. This event's theme is a back-to-school or a Riverdale type which is really applicable since it's the start of classes for some of the students (since some already shifted their school calendar to August).

To be very honest, I'm not physically and financially prepared for this event. DAY6 just had their comeback and released their first full-length album (I will surely blog this by the end of July or 1st week of August). Also, Chungha (my bias in I.O.I) had her debut so I also need to buy her album. So financially, I'm really not prepared. But I told myself that I'll just go to BU13 to see my favorite bloggers.

I went to the event at around 10:30 am the line outside was really long. I wasn't able to take a picture of the line since I'm preoccupied with a lot of things. After an hour of lining up, I finally was able to enter the place. It's cute that they also gave Pepero as we enter.

So here's what the place looks like:

And yes, there are a lot of people at the event. It was really hard to move. But I managed to go to my favorite bloggers' booths.

I went to Tricia's booth first to give her my gift.

I gave my simple gift to Tricia and had a selca with her. Finally! I have been waiting for this to happen. I really admired her for being so kind. She is actually one of the main reasons why I continued blogging (even if I have the slightest idea of doing so). Do check her blog. It's really worth reading.

Next stop, I went to Crissey's booth. She's actually sharing a booth with Tricia. Crissey was hiding from the crowd. She is actually claustrophobic. But I managed to go near her and gave her my gift too.

We're both wearing glasses. Yay! Her artworks and art style is really good and I admired it. I wanted to have my own art style as well. I will practice drawing more! Her blog is also worth reading. You will surely learn a lot from it.

Last but not the least, I went to Farrah's booth. It's actually hard to go her booth because a lot of people were gathered there, looking for clothes. After a few minutes of going through the crowd and finding the best spot to go near her, I finally had the chance to have a picture with her again!

She's still cute as ever! I really like her k-style. Her vlogs are very entertaining to watch too especially her make-up tutorials. I don't do make-up that much but simply watching her makes me smile. Her blog is as cute as her. You'll definitely know the products that she uses and recommends.

After giving all my gifts to them (and I'm so happy that they appreciated it!) my friend, Justine, and I decided to look for clothes. He actually bought a lot from his favorite bloggers. While we roam around, we saw someone very familiar. It's Jollibee!

I finally saw him wearing Barong Tagalog. I was really curious on how he look at the back. But finally I saw it. His pants were really just in fit with him. hihi.

After a few hours of roaming around and looking for clothes, Justine and I finally decided to go and eat (and no longer return). We were so tired and our backs are already aching. We decided to go to MOA and eat. It's been a long time since we last met.

He actually bought a lot. And me? I told you earlier that I will not buy anything. But I broke my promise. I bought some clothes.

And now I realized that I bought two black clothes. I think they will fit well in me and I think I made the right decision of buying. I will start saving money now for the next BU. Hoping that I can attend again. This time, I want to see Camille Co, Kryz Uy, and Arisse De Santos. I wasn't able to see them since I went home early.

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