UNBOXING: Seventeen Attacca Carat Version (Wonwoo Cover)

November 20, 2021


I have been doing more unboxing videos than writing contents recently. I'm still fixing my writing schedule and topics so that I can write consistently in the future. But for now, here's another unboxing of the recent merch that I got.

I've been a lowkey fan of Seventeen for quite some time now. I honestly don't want to stan them because I have a lot of things to catch up. But their music is really interesting and I love their songs that's why I decided to just be a lowkey fan. But recently, I have been seeing a lot of Tiktok unboxing videos and I really want to have this Attacca Carat version.

So come and join me as I unbox my merch.

Attacca Carat Version Inclusions

Hardcover Binder

One of the reasons why I wanted to buy the Attacca Carat version is because it's actually a photocard binder. The binder consists of 8 4-pocket pages. I used to be a collector of photocards that's why binders like this makes me excited.

This version actually has thirteen different covers wherein you'll get a random one (Random cover 1 out of 13). I got Wonwoo's version. I am happy because Wonwoo is my bias in Seventeen. Based from other Carats, you can actually figure out the member you got based from the color of the side.

Lyric Book

The lyric book is placed in front of the hardcover binder that's why it became difficult to figure out which member is on the cover. The lyric book is an 8-page mini book which consist of all the lyrics, composers, and everyone behind the songs in the Attacca album.


Since the Carat version is not really the album-type, the CD is just placed in a paper case. For me, the Attacca design is really aesthetically pleasing. Minimalist yet very attractive. It has 7 tracks - To You, Rock With You (title track), Crush, Pang!, Imperfect Love, I can't run away, and 2 minus 1.


One of the main reasons why I want to buy this Carat version is because of the booklet or the 20 pieces photocards. Whichever member you got in the cover will automatically be the member in the booklet. Since I got Wonwoo, I got 20 pieces of Wonwoo photocards. For a former collector, it really excites me to have these photocard pulls in one album.

Selfie Photocard

But of course, albums won't be complete without random photocards! Aside from the 20pcs photocard booklet, you'll also get four more random selfie photocards. I got Jeonghan, Hoshi, Vernon, and DK for my pulls.

I actually wanted to get a Seungkwan and The8 photocard since those photocards have sparks in me. I'm not yet buying their photocards since I'm still waiting for my other Carat version. Yes, I bought another one. I might get their photocard there. Who knows?

Thoughts on the Binder

I was actually expecting a lot with the binder. It's good that the binder is hard. But my problem is the pockets. The pockets were like from the photo albums where we place our baby pictures and stuff. It's actually not that photo-friendly compared with the Ultrapro sleeves.

If you're a photocard collector and you like to double-sleeve your photocards, this binder is not for you. I only put one sleeve for my photocards and the photocards fit exactly (without any space) on the pockets. I'm actually afraid of putting in inside because my photocards might bend.

As of the moment, I still placed these photocards in the Attacca binder because I haven't bought additional sleeves on my A4 binder.

Unboxing Video:

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