UNBOXING: Nevertheless OST Album

December 19, 2021

Another OST album unboxing blog is here. I guess I'm back to collecting K-related merchandises (K-Pop and K-Drama). Just in case you don't know, I actually stopped (for awhile) collecting albums around 2019 or probably when the pandemic started. Like what I have mentioned before, I lost spark. But now, I'm back!

For this unboxing blog, it's the Nevertheless OST album. To be honest, I have no plans on buying this OST album since there's no photocard in it. Yes, I'm still a photocard lover. But my only reason for buying this is because of Chae Jong Hyeop.

Inclusions of Nevertheless OST Album


The photobook has 88 pages full of still cuts and behind the scenes photos - mostly the main leads Han So Hee and Song Kang, and some Chae Jong Hyeop. The quality of the photobook is actually good. The paper is quite thick.


The CD is placed at the back part of the photobook. It has a butterfly design and the title is also there. It consists of 21 soundtracks. One of the most memorable songs, is of course, Sam Kim's Love Me Like That. I haven't played the whole soundtrack though.

Folded Poster

Out of all the folded posters I got, this is one of my favorite. First reason, it's not that big. Second, the way it was folded did not ruin any part of the photos. And lastly, the quality of the paper is good.


There are two postcards - Han So Hee's and Song Kang's. This is how it looks like in front. Meanwhile, at the back, is their electronic signatures.

I'm not really a fan of postcards since it's hard to store them in a binder unlike photocards. But still, it's a merch so I have to store is properly so that it won't get ruined.

Film Strip

I actually love the photos in the film strips. They both look so precious. But again, I'm not much of a fan of this inclusion since it's hard to store it.


This is probably the most iconic inclusion - the tattoo. Of course, we all know Song Kang's (Jae-Eon's) butterfly tattoo at his nape. So, if you want to see how it looks like without having it permanently inked, then you can try this tattoo.


I guess, the only reason why I bought this, is because Chae Jong Hyeop is included in the sticker sheet. Although I don't really remove the stickers, but I'm still happy that there's a Chae Jong Hyeop here.


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