UNBOXING: The Witch's Diner OST Album

December 02, 2021

I know I haven't made a full review of this short drama. But here I am writing about the OST album. (I will write it soon I promise!) Anyway, so for today's unboxing, it's a special OST album from the drama The Witch's Diner.

Why did I say it's a special album? It's because this OST album was produced only after fans reached the goal in Makestar. If you're not familiar with Makestar, it is an online platform where you can also buy albums of K-Pop groups and K-Drama merch. But not all albums are up for grabs already. Some, like this album, will only be produced if it reached a certain amount of orders. Luckily, we were able to reach the goal and got this.


Compared to It's Okay to Not be Okay OST album, this one is quite smaller and quite thinner. Plus, the inclusions are fewer. This album consists of 21 soundtracks. I was a bit surprised since this drama is just a short drama yet it has a lot of soundtracks too.

What I like about this OST album is the colors are so beautiful. I really like the combination of violet and gold. The CD looks elegant. The photobook was just okay. I just love the photos there.


This OST album comes with three photocards. This is what I like here. It's not random. The three main characters have their own photocards. I really want to have Chae Jong Hyeop's photocard that's why I got this album.


Not quite sure if this is called invitation card of a business card. But yeah, this tells that the Witch will make all your wishes come true. It's cool though. I love this invitation/business card.


It also have a folded poster. I was a bit disappointed with the poster because there are white lines already when it arrived to me. Meaning, the printing or the paper used was not that good making the print pop out. If you'll look at it closely, you can see the white lines. But anyway, I am not a fan of posters so I wouldn't really mind.


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