ATEEZ Turbulence: The Newest Theme Song of my Life

December 03, 2021

The last time I wrote a review about a song was when DAY6 released their song Zombie which was over a year ago. That song represented how my quarantine life is. A song about being trapped in a repetitive situation, something like that.

This time, I'm writing another review of a song because this song hits me differently. On the afternoon of December 3, 2021, ATEEZ released their Turbulence MV ahead of their comeback which is scheduled on December 10. After watching the music video, I honestly don't know how to put my reaction into words. This song is a masterpiece. It hits home. As you may have read the title of this blog, this song became the new theme song of my life.

This blog post is more of my diary and not really a review. I just wanted to let all these thoughts out.


If you're not fluent in Korean, I highly suggest watching the music video with English subtitles because it will hit differently.

What I noticed about the music video was there wasn't a scene where they were all together. They are all separated from each other - having their own struggles to face. The color grading of the music video was gloomy that added more heavy feeling to the lyrics that's why I got attracted to it more.

It's a simple music video, I can say. But the way they played with the elements made it great.


I barely cry from listening to a song for the first time. But this one, once the pre-chorus entered, I started getting emotional. I don't know, maybe because I have been thinking about my life lately.

"As if the world only asks me to fall"

A heavy line indeed. This part reminds me of Prison Playbook. There was a scene where Park Hae Soo's character said, "You did your best but you weren't given any opportunity. The world should've tried harder."

We do our best to achieve our goals but most of the time we feel like our best isn't good enough which will make us think as if the world wants us to crumble, to fail, to fall. Sometimes I question the world too, "Why do you want me to fail so bad?" I don't know. I haven't got any answer.

"At the end of this road, where should we be? What should we become? In what form?"

After working so hard for your dream, but the world didn't give you any opportunity, we start to question ourselves. "Where should we be? What should we do next?" These questions are common to me since I, myself is lost. Should I be here right now? If not, where should I be? I don't know.

"I'm already overwhelmed to be myself barely. Is someone listening? Can someone just embrace me?"

This is the part when I started crying because I felt that. I am overwhelmed with everything that is happening. And I don't even know if someone is listening. And yes, I needed a hug too. We put too much pressure on ourselves that's why we became overwhelmed even with simple things.

Life is scary. I feel like if I don't do things, I'll end up being a failure. I should always do a lot of things so that I won't get that guilt feeling of not doing enough. Which then made me feel restless. My body wanted to rest but my mind keeps on telling to work and don't be lazy. I wanted to achieve my dreams, right? I just need a hug.

What did Turbulence make me realize?

That I'm not the only one who feels that way. That I'm not the only one who feel pressured and overwhelmed. That I'm not the only who is lost. A lot of people are. Maybe the members of ATEEZ are lost too. And that it's okay to feel like this at the moment because eventually we'll find our true selves, our true form.

It'll take time. We don't know how much time, though. But if we just continue doing our little steps, we'll get to a place where we are intended to be. It's okay if we feel lost at the moment. It's okay.

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