Best of Best 2021: My Fangirl Review, Highlights, and Goals

December 31, 2021

Who would have thought that a year has passed by already? I remember writing my Best of Best 2020 on New Year's Eve and now I'm writing my Best of Best for 2021. Time really flies so fast. And yes, up until now, the pandemic has still taken over the year. But, it's a bit relaxed compared with last year. I just hope 2022 will slowly go back to normal.

Goals last 2020

To be honest, 2020 is not that good in term of my fangirling life. I've been to focused and consumed by my work to the point that I really haven't been fangirling for almost half a year. I wasn't able to post much on my blog and on my Facebook page. I really felt like I left the fangirl life during those moments. But I'm just so thankful that I became a fan of The Boyz and now I'm back on track.

My goals last year was:
- 50,000 likes on Facebook
- 3000 followers on Twitter
- 500-600 subscribers on Youtube
- 100,000 page views on my blog
- this blog to be monetized

At the end of this year, I didn't reach the 50,000 likes on Facebook but I reached 58,000+ follows on Facebook. Since Facebook is slowly shifting to follows instead of likes, I should look at the follows. So, I can consider it as a goal achieved.

I am very much thankful for the people helping me in updating the page and for helping me reach these numbers. You guys know who you are.

For the Twitter followers, I got lesser followers this year. I lost almost 200 followers. Since I became inactive too, I somehow expected it. But it's okay. The important thing is there are still followers left.

For the Youtube subscribers, I reached my goal (actually just recently). My goal is to reach 500-600 subscribers and as of writing I have 513 subscribers. I just hope they won't unsubscribe after the giveaway.

For this blog, I aim to have a total of 100,000 page views by the end of this year and also for it to be monetized. I am so happy that I got to achieve both of it! My total pageviews rise until 179,000+ and my blog has finally been approved on Adsense.

Out of the five goals I made last year for A Fangirl's Heart, I achieved four, which is really an achievement. It's really fun to create goals like this because I am somehow challenged to achieve it before the year ends, not in a pressuring way though.

Highlights of my Fangirl life this 2021

Who would have thought I would get a chance to be featured on Cosmopolitan Philippines for their Cosmo Fangirl Diaries. There, I shared my story on how I became a K-Pop fan, how I started taking photos during concerts, and my memorable experiences as a fangirl.

You can watch the video here:

This was published last January and I am so happy for this. Thank you so much Cosmopolitan Philippines for this wonderful experience!

I also got the chance to partner with Smart to promote their events and posts on my social media page. I also received a lot of kits from brands and small shops. I'm very thankful for trusting me and my team.

Another experience that I got was I was able to mention my favorite artists during my graduation speech! I really waited for that moment. I'll be uploading my speech on my Youtube channel soon.

Another highlight is that I received a special signed The Making Book of So I Married the Anti-Fan, thanks to Oppa is Life and iQIYI! Having a signed copy is really a must-have for a collector like me. I am so happy that I received this.

Goals for 2022

So, my favorite part, writing goals for the coming year. Like what I have mentioned last year, I'll feel lost if I don't create goals.

For A Fangirl's Heart

My girl is for A Fangirl's Heart to reach 100,000-150,000 follows next year. Oh yes. It's quite a big number. But who knows? Nothing is impossible. I'm still taking everything slowly but it will feel good if I achieve this goal next year.

For Twitter, I still aim to reach 3000 followers by the end of the year.

For my Youtube, I aim to reach 1000 subscribers and for it to be monetized, too. Recently, I have been active on uploading unboxing videos on Youtube. I hope that I'll be able to upload at least 2 videos per month which includes more unboxing and some fangirl vlogs.

An addition to my goals, I have added TikTok as my latest platform. Since short videos are easier to edit, I have been active there too. My goal on TikTok is to at least reach 1000 followers (hoping more!) by the end of the year.

And lastly, for this blog, I hope I'll reach 300,000 pageviews plus a cash out for my earnings here.

I am challenging myself to reach these goals. But like what I have said, I will take everything slowly. If it's God's will, it will happen. I'll do the things I need to do and I'll let God do the rest.

For myself (as a fangirl b/vlogger)

I would like to incorporate my Multimedia Arts skills in creating fun contents on my social media accounts. Another goal is to achieve that certain dream that I have been praying for. And lastly, I hope that I will be capable of having conversation in Korean already so that I can share my knowledge with other people too.

I really wanted to be a fangirl related content creator and at the same time be able to use these platforms to support my needs and wants. I'm still praying if this path is for me but I know God will make a way if it isn't.

To everything I'm thankful for...

It's really hard to mention everyone but I hope those I have in mind will stay to be with me this 2022. The support you gave me this 2021 made me root for 2022 more, and I hope that you'll be with me on 2022 too.

To more MERCH and BUDOLS this 2022! To more fangirling moments this 2022!!

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