UNBOXING: Stray Kids NoEasy Album

January 11, 2022

First unboxing post of 2022 - though I have opened this in 2021. I was really busy and I forgot to write about it here on my blog. Anyway, it's not yet too late to post it.

So, I got these albums for a cheaper price through Kormission PH. They are on Twitter and Shopee. Aside from being cheap, I still got the JYP POBs with the random frame photocard. I wasn't able to get the limited version of NoEasy but still I'm happy with the two versions - Standard A (Green) and Standard B (Violet).



When we say POB, it means pre-order benefits. They are either posters, photocards, or postcards. You can only get it during the pre-order period. On the second press of the albums, pre-order benefits are no longer available.

For the NoEasy album, the POBs are the random frame photocard and postcards. I got Hyunjin and I.N black frame photocards for the POB.


These are the photobooks. They have 84-pages each. The design may be the same but the color and the photos inside are different.

Lyric Booklet

The lyric booklet is just the same no matter what version it is. One thing I like about this lyric booklet is that there are also photos of Stray Kids unlike other booklets.


The CD designs are really cool to look at. Since this is a full album, it contains 14 songs.


Good thing I got different version of the stickers because as far as I know the stickers are also random. It's just that these stickers are not the cut (kiss cut). Meaning, if you peel it off everything will be removed, unless you cut it.

Folded Poster

The folded poster (or what I call the accordion) is also random. And guess what? I got Seungmin and Han for both versions. It's fun to bring it to the concerts tho because it looks like a banner.


Of course, my favorite inclusion, the photocards. These are random too but I'm so happy with my pulls because I got my biases! Well, my top three is actually Lee Know, Changbin, and Hyunjin. And I got them on my pulls! I am usually not that lucky when it comes to album pulls but recently, I've been getting the positive energy.

Oh, and also, there is a double-sided photocard which I find it really cute! I got Changbin and Felix for the photocards. I'm happy that I didn't get any duplicate photocard.

Unboxing Vlog

You can watch my reaction when I pulled these here

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