UNBOXING: SHAX Album (Imitation OST)

January 20, 2022

Another overdue unboxing! I actually received and unboxed this item last 2021 but because I became a little bit busy (?) I wasn't able to edit my unboxing video. Anyway, for today's unboxing it's the SHAX album which consists of Imitation OSTs.

It's actually my first time buying an album from a fictional K-Pop group. I didn't even know albums like these existed. But yeah, I like to compare it with a real K-Pop album.

SHAX Album


I barely see albums placed inside a pouch like this. Not actually my cup of tea, but it's cool since I don't need to look for OPP plastics for the album itself. It's cool too since you can somehow reseal it again using that zipper.


Let's go with the keychain first. To be honest, this is one of the reasons why I chose the Withdrama version rather than the Makestar version. The Withdrama has a keychain.

Membership Card


This is how the Membership Card looks like. It's not really the same with my other membership card but it somehow looks real. I haven't signed it tho. Well, I don't know if I should still sign it.



Unlike the real K-Pop albums, the CD was placed on a plastic container (?) I don't know what to call that. It's not placed in an acrylic case. Anyway, as you open it, you can see the CD and beside it is the mini poster / lyric guide.

Mini Poster / Lyric Guide

So, I just realized that Eunjo is not included in this mini poster. Anyway, at the back of that, the lyrics are placed.


Photobook is a bit thin compared to the usual photobooks of K-Pop albums or K-Drama OST albums. But the important thing is that the photos are good. You can check out my unboxing vlog to see the photos.


Just like my Thrill-ing albums, this one has a wristband. Because of this, I miss watching concerts and putting these wristbands especially when you're on the VIP area.


Just like other K-Pop albums, they also have random photocards. This album has three random photocards. I honestly wanted to get a Hwiyoung photocard. Although I didn't get one, at least I got a Jun photocard.


I hope you enjoyed my unboxing video!

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